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Today is a great day for fans of last year’s GOTY Contenders rise, a top-down shooter from Neon Giant. The game has come a long way since its release last summer.

Most notably, The Ascent landed on PlayStation and received various smaller add-ons. But nothing meaningful new content has entered the game since then, and that’s about to change.

Neon Giant revealed today cyber robbery, the major new DLC for The Ascent. The plugin will be available on August 18th for $10/€10/£8. Cyber​​Heist adds new main and side quest chains, set in a new Malhorst-Gelb-owned ecosystem. The story takes place after the main campaign events, and Kira offers you a new job.

Playable solo or co-op, new missions are only accessible after completing the main campaign – but only the host needs to complete the campaign. Of course, along the way, you’ll meet new enemies, meet new characters, and explore new environments.

There are many new weapons and technologies available, most notably advanced melee combat. The trailer briefly shows off the new melee move, and it looks like a viable playstyle to go hand in hand with ranged weapons.

If you haven’t played The Ascent yet, you may want to opt for the Cyber​​​ Edition, which includes the main game, all previously released DLC packs, and Cyber​​ Heist. It will cost you $45/€45/£37.

We are big fans of The Ascent nearby. We rated it 4/5 in our review and it ended up on James’ GOTY list. We talked to developer Neon Giant about releasing its first game as a team and delivering AAA quality on a budget.

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