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Ascent will be getting some new story DLC later this month, following on from the main game’s story.

The DLC called The Ascent: Cyber​​​Heist will launch on August 18, and you can play it as long as you beat the main campaign. You can play solo or with friends, and there are plenty of new main quests and side quests to delve into, as well as new weapons, advanced melee combat, and new areas.

“In Cyber​​​Heist, Kira, your former employer, has a new top-secret job, and as a new independent contractor, how can you say no?” reads the press release. “Venture beyond your familiar ecology into a whole new ecology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb Group. There are some new breakthrough technologies that have come of age, but you’re not alone in setting your sights on the prize.”

When it comes to melee combat, there are now dedicated melee weapons at your disposal, including a rock crusher and a guillotine. You can also explore a new ecology that belongs to the Malhorst-Gelb group, and in new missions you will meet characters like Ontario and Zell. There are also some new enemies to deal with.

The DLC will cost $10 and inherit the first two DLC packs, Cyber​​ Warrior and Cyber​​ Sec.

In GameSpot’s The Ascent review, we gave the game a 6/10, noting that the final payoff for the game’s core puzzles “wasn’t enough to offset the hopeless grind,” and an overall “severely uneven” difficulty curve.

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