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Apex Legends Season 14: The Hunt is coming. We’ve learned a lot about what to expect from the upcoming season following the recently released launch trailer — but Season 14’s debut, the legendary Vantage, deserves a closer look.

Originally revealed in March 2022 through a massive leak, Vantage is a skilled sniper and fine hunter who grew up in isolation in Pagos, a world known as the Edge part of an icy, desolate planet. Rimworlds are a series of planets that exist on the fringes of Outland and are not part of Syndicate space. Vantage’s unusual upbringing makes her a unique character in both gameplay and lore. Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends’ newest character.

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She has unheard of skills

Vantage’s abilities were posted online alongside those of other future Legends revealed in a March leak, but at the time it wasn’t clear how accurate the leaks were. Now that Vantage’s abilities have been officially revealed, we have a better idea of ​​what to expect from her in a combat situation.

Vantage has the following abilities:

Passive: The Observer’s Lens

Use the Vantage’s eyepiece (whether unarmed or with a mid-to-long-range scope) to aim the sight for reconnaissance, and use the bullet drop indicator to see where the shot is. The Vantage’s eyepieces can also identify enemies’ legendary names, the type of shield they wear, how many members are in the squad, and how far away they are.

Tactic: Echo Relocation

Vantage can locate her winged buddy Echo, then fire at him – a great way to quickly reach and maintain high ground. The Vantage must have direct line of sight to activate the Echo.

Ultimate: Sniper’s Mark

Vantage uses a custom sniper rifle that scans and marks enemies for 10 seconds after being hit. For Vantage, damage increases with consecutive hits. Vantage’s entire squad also gains bonus damage when hitting enemies that have been scanned by the Sniper’s Mark.

We saw Vantage use all three of these abilities in the Season 14 launch trailer, which depicts her rocket-boosting her way to the Echo, identifying other Legendaries while ADSing, and providing her ultimate Ability to draw unique snipers. With in-ring dominance, everyone needs to watch their backs, but players who don’t like sniping shouldn’t worry too much — Respawn has confirmed that Vantage won’t be a sneaky legend. Making sure you have a ghost in your squad should also help you stay out of the new Legend’s crosshairs and limit encounters with her powerful sniper marking abilities.

She doesn’t follow the rules

Growing up in Pàgos, Vantage – real name Xiomara “Mara” Contrares – lived by one and only one rule: to survive. While she’s done it so far, she’s not always good at following other rules, actively defying her mother’s wishes in her Outland story set by exploring the abandoned cargo ship GDS Vantage. This resulted in Xiomara’s near death and her mother Xenia – who, it turns out, was a wanted man from Gaea – was captured by the authorities. While it’s clear that Xiomara feels very guilty for her role in her mother’s arrest, it’s unclear if the 18-year-old legend has learned his lesson in following directions.

Vantage is determined to free her mother Xenia from captivity.
Vantage is determined to free her mother Xenia from captivity.

In her first Apex Games, Fuse stubbornly refused to leave, despite her opposition to “a puppy” joining the Olympics. While this comment may only be referring to the fact that she is the youngest member of the legendary squad, it may also be referring to her childishness and lack of life experience due to her isolated upbringing.

While she did win her first Apex game, that doesn’t necessarily prove she has what it takes to become a legend.While she did bring her skills to good use in the game, it’s okay if she doesn’t – Fuse’s team will always win that game because it was manipulated Using the same algorithm Crypto found in his Outland story set. However, Vantage appears to have beaten Fuse, making her the champion of the winning team — and probably unsettling anyone who bet on Fuse to be the champion.

In another incident of rule violations, Vantage ignored the rules in Apex’s official rulebook that prohibit pets from competing. Echo is a bat-like creature who saves Xiomara’s life in her Outland story set and accompanies her to races, but apparently doesn’t allow pets.

To be fair, the Echo did attack other competitors’ brows in the Vantage qualifiers, but, considering Bloodhound’s pet crow, Artur, has been a mainstay of the series since its launch, this “no pets allowed” rule is a bit odd. in 2019.

Vantage seems to realize this, multiple appeals against the rule Before it was finally approved to bring the Echo to Apex Games.

her mom is charming

Xiomara’s mother, Xenia, is a mysterious figure who lied to her daughter about every detail of her past for years, until Vantage finally uncovered the truth: her mother was a wanted criminal and the only survivor of the GDS Vantage’s crashed cargo delivery Prisoners to the detention facility by boat.

Both women were taken by the Gaia space agency after inadvertently revealing her mother’s identity.

Since then, Xenia – whose crimes are unknown, despite publicity materials calling her “falsely accused” – has lived in prison while her daughter competes in the Apex Games, hoping to draw attention to her mother’s case .

However, a closer look at the table visited by Xiomara and her mother reveals an interesting detail: Xenia was held in the same prison as Mad Maggie, and she was sent back to her cell when she wasn’t participating in the Apex Games.

“Mags wuz here” can be seen engraved on a table in the prison where Xenia is being held.

The launch trailer contains a series of flashbacks about Vantage visiting her mother. One of them, she brought a shoddy electric blade, apparently ready to take on the syndicate guards throughout the prison, armed with nothing but a sharp stick. But before Vantage can do anything ill-advised, Xenia snatches the makeshift weapon from her daughter, and the meeting is over.

But interestingly, the countdown before the release of the trailer (the same one that revealed the Olympics was actively rigged) depicts a conversation between two prison guards that was interrupted when the prison riot broke out. Of course, the most likely culprit is Crazy Maggie – but she’s probably not alone at work. The scene where Vantage’s mother confiscates the blade is apparently in flashback, and the conversation between the guards in the pre-trailer countdown may take place after Vantage’s mother gets the weapon.This means that the riot that interrupted the guard’s conversation may have been caused by two Maggies and Xenia – or even Xenia herself, although at this stage in the game it’s likely Maggie is acting alone. Regardless, it’s hard to deny that Xenia is just as fun as her daughter Vantage, and the fact that she shares a prison with Mad Maggie will certainly play a role in future plot developments.

That’s all we currently know about the Season 14 debut of the saga, but stay tuned – we’ll update this page as more information becomes available. Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted launches on August 9 at 10AM PT / 1PM PT.

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