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Kinmen Island, a Taiwan-controlled island just over six miles off the coast of China, According to reports, Wednesday night, a flying object of unknown origin – possibly a drone – flew overhead. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said its website was down on Wednesday night in a “denial of service” cyberattack.

Several Chinese analysts said China was trying to bolster its influence over Taiwan by escalating deterrence after Ms. Pelosi’s visit. Ms Pelosi praised the Taiwanese people for their firm opposition to Beijing.

“There is a growing tendency for external forces to use Taiwan to contain China,” he said. Wu YongpingA professor who studies Taiwan at Tsinghua University in Beijing said in a written Q&A. “The Chinese government has taken some unprecedented military actions for this.”

One of the PLA’s designated exercise areas is on Taiwan’s east coast, the furthest from mainland China. When China staged intimidating military exercises in Taiwan waters during the geopolitical crisis 25 years ago, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) didn’t go that far.

“This is an intentional message to highlight the PLA’s improved ability to project power far from mainland China, a clear signal that China can encircle the island,” said Brian Hart, Research Fellow of China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “It will also complicate traffic from and around the island in all directions.”

The Global Times, a swaggering nationalist Chinese newspaper, raised the possibility The missile was launched from the mainland to the east, forming an arc over Taiwan. “If the Taiwan army responds, the PLA can completely trap the turtle in the jar,” Zhang Xuefeng, a Chinese commentator, told the newspaper, using a Chinese proverb to catch prey easily.

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