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Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Jose Diaz-Bharat Report” that a “wave of support” for federal laws guaranteeing access to abortion is heating up.

Guest anchor Lindsey Reiser said: “You and your colleagues Sinema, Collins and Murkowski have proposed a bipartisan piece of legislation that would be codified Roe v Wade Protection becomes law. But your other colleagues, Senators Blumenthal and Warren, said they would vote no because it wasn’t enough. How did you get it across the finish line. “

“Our goal is a very specific one, and it’s kind of like using a time machine to get American law back to where it was before Dobbs made the decision, where people got the legal right to reproductive freedom, and that’s what it was,” Kane said. Pre-Constitutional Provisions. Dobbs.”

He added, “Right now, some people don’t like the constitution before Dobbs. Clearly the right wants to overturn it, and some think it’s not enough. Our goal is to show that a bipartisan majority in the Senate wants to codify Luo. Eh. We can have a sincere discussion about the best approach. But the earlier vote on the Women’s Health Protection Program was only 49 votes. I think sending a message that not even a majority of the Senate is willing to codify Roe, I think that Not a good thing. We’ve shown that there’s a different path that’s bipartisan. We’ve shown that a majority of people do. I think we’re going to end up passing a bill to create a statutory guarantee because post-Dobb The reality of the Dobbs era is that after rape and powerful referendums in Kansas and other states, 10-year-olds are being smuggled across borders for abortion.. I think the reality of the post-Dobbs era is whipping up support for federal statutory guarantees .”

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