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A few weeks ago, Valve warned about using Steam Deck in high temperatures, and now a new update to the system provides a similar notification.

As more people got hold of their products a few months after launch, steam deck is proving its worth in the mobile gaming industry. It’s not perfect, of course, but Valve’s handhelds are now compatible with over 4,000 games, and that number keeps growing, making it a successful hardware attempt for the company. As such, developers are keen to keep the system up to date, and a recent patch provided users with a temperature warning.

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SteamOS version 3.3 has just been released, and the patch notes for the latest Steam Deck update highlight some of the tweaks and fixes that have been implemented. One of the more interesting ones is that the device will now notify gamers when the “temperature is outside the safe operating range.” This could mean users are told when it’s too hot or too cold to use the device safely. However, it doesn’t say what happens if you ignore these notifications.

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This new update likely comes after Valve warned that using the steam deck during a heatwave could affect its performance. Since it works best in temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, the company urges people to be careful when using mobile PCs, adding that it can “throttle” features. It is said that if the APU or accelerated processing unit runs over 105 degrees, the device will shut down. The warning itself came as the UK experienced a record-breaking heatwave last month.

It’s great to see that Valve is taking steps to ensure there is no physical damage to the device when used in high or low temperatures. The company seems keen to make sure users get the most out of it. In fact, another caveat came out recently when Steam Deck users managed to install a larger SSD that didn’t seem to have any downsides. Valve’s concern is that doing so could “reduce the life of the device,” even if it appears to work perfectly with the physically larger hard drive.

Originally touted as a Nintendo Switch competitor, steam deck It has been shown that it goes beyond gaming. Being able to install different operating systems on it and being compatible with a mouse and keyboard makes it more of a portable PC than a handheld gaming console, which may be one of the reasons for its popularity.

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