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It’s clear that Steam Deck is a great way for users to play Steam games, and the update means gamers can now use Nintendo peripherals.

This steam deck Released at the end of February, it was generally praised not only for its ability to play Steam games on the go, but also for its versatility. Valve says that all Steam Deck orders should be filled by the end of 2022, so more people are likely to be happy with the company’s new mobile device. On top of that, the system was updated to allow gamers to plug in Nintendo peripherals.

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A patch for Steam Deck went live last week, saying it now supports the Nintendo Online Classic Controller. This means users can plug in their NES, SNES and N64 pads and should now all be plug and play. These are rebrands of the controllers, not the originals, as the new iteration is USB compatible. The update doesn’t say if there will be support for the classic SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis controller, so it looks like it’s just Nintendo’s for now.

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There are some absolutely iconic Nintendo controllers out there, dating back to the ’80s. Older gamers will remember that when they first used these models, the later models were striking, trying to innovate. For example, the mid-’90s saw the birth of the N64 controller, with its unique analog stick that was unique for its time, the Z trigger button below, and the center handle that made the pads look like a gray W. It was considered odd at the time, but most gamers eventually got the hang of it.

As for Valve’s portable systems overall, there seems to be plenty of room for some nostalgia.For example, someone recently installed the original Xbox emulator on the Steam platform in order to play some classic games such as halo, time splitter 2and Ninja Gaiden. It’s clear that the device isn’t just a way for players to access their Steam library from a mobile device.

While Valve’s past attempts at developing hardware have failed, the developer has proven it’s capable of creating a device that will resonate with the gaming industry.the fact is steam deck It’s also possible to install Windows on it and use it in almost the same way as a PC, which is one of the reasons it stands out from the likes of the Switch.

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