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Square Enix has provided an update for its upcoming farming sim Harvestella, sharing new gameplay screenshots and gameplay details.

With the success of comfort games, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and farming sims stardew valley, it’s no surprise to see major video game development companies making their own projects in the same genre.This may be why Square Enix announced the name of its new farming sim harvester In the latest Nintendo Direct in June 2022.Now, the Japanese company offers about harvesterproviding the community with new game details and in-game screenshots to add fun to the game.

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When Square Enix revealed it was launching harvester During the year, not many details about the game were released to the public. Viewers of the Nintendo Direct watched the trailer, which simply showed off the stereotypes of farming sims like rune factory series. This includes managing crops and fields, socializing with NPCs, and crawling in monster battles.Gamers can peek deeper with Square Enix’s latest update harvesterwhich could influence their decision to buy the title when it finally releases in November.

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In an official blog post shared on the Square Enix website, the team revealed a mix of new stories and game details harvester. Introducing the spring town of Nemea, where players will be involved in solving the town’s Spring Seaslight, a crystal that affects the seasons in the region. Farming sim players may be familiar with this type of season, as this often affects the type of crops they can grow in each period. Players will also encounter different Nemea inhabitants, namely Asyl and Istina, and the longer they play the game, the better they will get to know them.

Other new game features shared by Square Enix include a new class called Sky Lancer.much like rune factory A farming simulation series where players also have to fight monsters in the game. The blog post also provides details about the player’s day-to-day life, including fishing, the different crops they can grow, and the dishes they can cook with them.Daily life of a player harvester Also let them socialize with NPCs and learn about their character stories. Completing these will bring them closer to the NPC and may even provide them with a reward.

It’s unclear if Square Enix will harvester. The Character Story feature doesn’t provide any details about this. Hopefully the developers will have a clearer picture of these features, as fans of farming sims may wonder if it will be an available option in the future.

harvester It is scheduled to release on PC and Switch on November 4, 2022.

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resource: Square Enix website

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