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Season 7 is finally coming to Sea of ​​Thieves, with all sorts of handy new features. Whether buying your own boat and captaining it, customizing the interior, or just basking in the joy of being able to give your boat a perfect name, there’s a lot to work out. There’s also a lot of nifty changes under the hood, including some tweaks to PvP, which should make the experience for dhow players a little smoother.

Dhows are ships that can be piloted by one or two players, while large brigs require 2-3 players, and powerful galleons can hold up to 4 players. Dhows are more maneuverable than their larger counterparts, but as such they are more fragile and thus require a steady hand on the tiller to safely pass through any intense battle with large ships at sea. However, the Season 7 update helps dhow players — especially those sailing solo — make some tweaks to this, but some key mechanics.

according to Patch Notes With the release of Sea of ​​Thieves’ 2.6.0 update, single-player wait times on the Damned Ferry after death will be reduced, allowing them to re-enter the game faster. Additionally, the sloop crew will be less affected by the knockback effect of shell splash damage, and the sloop’s mast has been buffed and now requires two chain strikes or three shells to overturn. Sloop crews now also have new spawn points around the ship, which are more diverse.

Fortunately, these subtle tweaks will help balance PvP for dhow players. After all, sometimes you just want to travel the seven seas by yourself, calm down and take a breath of the sea breeze.

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