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Koch Media no longer exists. The Austrian mass media company decided it was time to mark a “new chapter” in its business with a new look and a new name.

You may have heard of more publishers and developers under the Koch Media umbrella than Koch Media itself. Deep Silver, Flying Wild Hog and Warhorse Studios are all under the Koch Media umbrella, including IPs such as Saints Row, Metro, Wasteland, Shenmue and Shadow Warriors, to name a few.

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So why change the name after 28 years?According to managing director Clemens Kundertitz in an interview GamesIndustry.bizthe idea was to make something “more impactful” than just a visual update to the company logo.

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“Obviously, we wanted to avoid people seeing it as a facade,” explains Kundertitz. “We’re signaling that we’re on a journey, and giving that journey a new name, a new visual look is a good thing. New is always exciting.”

The new name is “Plaion” (pronounced “play-on”). Kundratitz noted that Plaion had previously been seen as a Central European company, but since its merger with THQ Nordic, now known as Embracer Group, the company has had more international ambitions. Plaion is easier to pronounce than Koch, and has a tricky “och” for non-German speakers.

Plaion’s new logo is a green triangle, an internationally recognized symbol for “playing” media, and the font chosen makes IO look a bit like ones and zeros – a nod to Plaion’s digital ambitions. The move follows Facebook’s changes to Meta to better describe its drive to create Metaverse.

“If Mark Zuckerberg can do it, so can we,” Kundertitz said. “There was no particular event that forced us to change anything, I think it was just overdue.”

The timing of Plaion’s name change is largely due to the fact that later this month at Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming convention, Plaion will have a “big presence.” Expect to see some new banners and some new game announcements at Plaion’s booth.

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