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Square Enix has officially announced the long-rumored remake of Tactics Ogre, the tactical role-playing game originally released for the PlayStation in the ’90s.

The ’90s was the golden age of JRPGs, with some of the best games in the genre released on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation consoles. The list of JRPGs that fall into the “greatest of all time” list may vary from fan to fan, but one title that is often named is tactical RPG Tactical Ogre. Originally released for the Super Famicon in 1995, then brought to the US for the PlayStation in 1997, Tactical Ogre It has proven to be a huge influence on many Square Enix games over the years. Now it’s being remade.

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On Thursday, Square Enix officially announced development Tactical Ogre: Rebirtha remake of the 1995 original JRPG. Tactical Ogre: Rebirth All the elements you would expect from a powerful remake of a classic game will be included. It will feature fully updated graphics, take advantage of modern platform hardware, updated sounds, and add full-sound cutscenes. Tactical Ogre: Rebirth However, it also transcends changes in visual and auditory elements.

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Square Enix will also Tactical Ogreof gameplay. These start with basic game improvements, including speeding up the pace of combat, overhauling in-game controls and user interface, and adding an auto-save feature. However, there are deeper game changes, such as the addition of a unit-by-unit leveling system instead of a class leveling system. Enemy AI has also been improved to increase the complexity of encounters.

For those worried that Square Enix may change further Tactical Ogre, which draws a line in the JRPG’s story.Players will get the full experience of the original Tactical OgreAn epic war story where three factions battle for control of the Valerian Islands, and the lives of those caught up in the war will be forever changed.

Tactical Ogre It was also the last game game director Yasuo Matsuno made at Quest Corporation before leaving to join Square.He will continue to guide both final fantasy tactics and wandering storyand the original director final fantasy 12 Before the Square Enix rework.

Tactical Ogre Has become a pivotal part of JRPG history, influencing the future and direction of Square Enix and the genre as a whole for decades to come. A remake was released for the PSP in 2010, but it’s still out of reach for a generation of gamers. Tactical Ogre: Rebirth Hope to correct this.

Tactical Ogre: Rebirth Releases November 11 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch.

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