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NFL: Los Angeles Rams Mini Camp
Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

When Matthew Stafford tries to become a Super Bowl-winning quarterback again in 2022, he’ll likely be throwing almost nothing throughout the offseason.back Getting an injection for arm pain And with no passing during spring training, the Rams star was limited again in practice starting Wednesday, with coach Sean McVeigh telling reporters Stafford would not be a full participant for the remainder of training camp. That’s because the QB is battling severe elbow tendinitis in his throwing arm, According to NFL media reports.

Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that Stafford had undergone minor surgery after “sudden flare-ups of pain in the spring” but that his elbow “didn’t get where it needed to be.” According to Rapoport, the Rams aren’t too concerned about Stafford’s long-term health, but even McVeigh said the quarterback won’t be pain-free by the time Los Angeles begins the 2022 season.

“More importantly, when you really look at it as a whole, (we) want him to operate with as little pain as possible,” the coach said this week. “I think any time you play for so long and be as tough as him, I don’t know if you’re really painless, but the goal is September 8, and really looking forward to 17 games, if we can win that chance, Then hopefully in some games after that.”

Stafford’s practice wasn’t limited when the Rams first opened training camp, but McVeigh revealed days later that the QB is still battling injuries and his workload will be reduced. The coach has previously said Stafford will do a “pitch count” over the summer to keep the defending champions healthy.

The Rams will start their three preseason games on Aug. 13. Stafford, who signed a four-year, $160 million extension with Los Angeles this offseason, is unlikely to do anything before the team’s Week 1 matchup with the Bills.

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