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pokemon scarlet and violet It recently received its third trailer, breathing new life into fans who are already hilarious and waiting for more.The latest trailer shows three new Pokemon, reveals region names, and hints at one of them pokemon scarlet and violetStoryline: Treasure Hunt. There are three main storylines at play, but it remains to be seen where exactly and what connections are made.

For example, it seems like it might be one of the pokemon scarlet and violetThe storyline is closely related to time travel.This is clearly the theme of the new game, especially considering that Professor Sada is in pokemon scarlet Representing the past (Sada is the abbreviation for pasada, Spanish is the past), Professor Turo in Pokemon Violet Represents the future (Turo is short for Futuro, apparently Spanish for future). also, pokemon scarlet and violetThe Legend of the Box represents both the past and the future in terms of design and name, Korai for the past and Mirai for the future.

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Riddler Khu, a reliable (though now “retired”) leaker Pokemon The community, which has previously commented on Sada and Turo’s relationship, likened it to a Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock movie house by the lake, the two fell in love by exchanging letters in a time-traveling mailbox.It remains to be seen how exactly the two relationships are connected, but there seems to be a turning point in the two house by the lake. Apparently, for some reason, Sada and Turo were pregnant with a child.

Arven is a senior at the college pokemon scarlet and violet, a man who loves cooking more than fighting. Khu recently shared a picture showing how much Arwen looks like Professor Sada and Turo. He has Turo’s eyebrows and Sada’s unique eye color, and his hair is a mix of them.There’s nothing more to do, it just adds more mystery pokemon scarlet and violetthe overall storyline.

For now, this likely represents the three storylines players will see pokemon scarlet and violetTon. It’s just speculation, but the gym challenge could be one story, the treasure hunt could be another, and then the time travel involving Sada, Turo, and Alvin could be a third. Fans will just have to wait and see, although each day brings them one step closer to the next-gen release.

pokemon scarlet and violet The Nintendo Switch will be released on November 18th.

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