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Yesterday’s Pokemon Presents comes with a third trailer pokemon scarlet and violet, and a longer trailer as a commentary on the various features and creatures introduced in Gen 9.One of the most interesting aspects of the game is that Koraidon and Miraidon will have different forms to explore the region of Paldea across the sea, sky, land, and mountains, a system that fans will recognize Pokemon Legend: Arceus. The trailer revealed a new regional variant, the Paldean Wooper, the first ground/poison hybrid since the first generation of the Nidoran family, a creature that will likely retain this type of combination as it evolves.

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Another new Pokemon shown in the third trailer is pokemon scarlet and violetThe whale, a small animal most likely inspired by ancient whales, once had legs and arms. This creature is one of the Pokemons used by Grusha, the ninth-generation Ice Gym curator, who appears in the trailer alongside other main characters such as Arven, Penny, Jacq, and Clavell. The remaining new Pokemon announced yesterday is an adorable fairy-type puppy named Fidough.

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A few weeks ago, a well-known leaker named Riddler Khu posted a tip to Fidough and its evolution that included a picture of a dog made of sliced ​​bread. While Fidough is made from some form of pastry mix, as the combination of the dog name “Fido” and “dough” would suggest, it’s more like a donut and bagel than the bread their most recent tweet about pokemon scarlet and violetThe new puppy Pokemon, Khu says Fidough’s evolution will be “tastier,” which could mean the food it’s based on will be a popular one.

Khu mentioned that Fidough’s evolution is baked, which could mean that Fairy Pokemon will add fire to its existing genre, becoming the first fire/fairy hybrid in the series. That’s speculation at this stage, but there’s a real chance that Dough Pokemon will be a pizza-like critter or some kind of delicious roll.Either way, Fidough’s official lore pokemon scarlet and violet The website does mention that Pokemon tend to swell when it’s time to intimidate an opponent, a trait that may translate to larger breeds for evolution.

The Pokemon Company seems willing to make more iconic critters with Gen 9, and other creative Pokemon designs may surface over time. Currently, one of the rumored cross-generational evolutions appears to be for Dunsparce, a second-generation creature that many believe will turn into a more interesting creature.Recently, a Pokemon Fan used an AI image generator for Dunsparce’s evolution, giving it an unexpectedly disturbing look.

pokemon scarlet and violet The Nintendo Switch will be released on November 18th.

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