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August was a pretty good month for Niantic’s wildly popular game, Pokemon GO. While the game managed to bring back the in-person GO Fest event this year, which was a staple in the pre-pandemic world, it wasn’t for everyone, especially those reluctant to travel to places like Germany or Seattle, Washington. . Sapporo, Japan will host its third and final GO Fest this coming weekend, but there are more events planned for those in remote areas throughout August.

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In addition to raids featuring Palkia, Genesect, Zamazenta, and Zacian, Niantic is also planning a GO Fest finale at the end of August.Unlike the previous 3 events this year, this event is open to all trainers regardless of location and offers Pokemon GO Trainers have a chance to grab four of the recently added Ultimate Beasts and a chance to get the mythical Pokemon, Shaymin’s sky form. However, while this will happen in a few weeks, Pokemon GO A new limited-time event starts next week.

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From August 10th, Pokemon GO Celebrate bug types with Bug Out! Limited time event. In six days, players will see an increase in bug types including Caterpie, Weedle, Joltik, Venipede, and more. As part of the event, a new collection event will also begin, which lists the wrong type of Pokemon to catch, resulting in a bug-catcher pose and 15,000 XP once completed. In addition to the surprise encounter of taking pictures, players can also earn 2x XP for throws of Nice, Great and Excellence.

The biggest highlight of the event, however, was the introduction of new Pokemon to the mobile game. During Bug Out! During the event, players may also encounter Grubin, who can evolve into Charjabug with 25 Candies and Vikavolt with 100 Candies. It’s worth noting that players will also need to be near the Magnetic Decoy Module to evolve this final form.Not only that, Mega Scizor also makes Pokemon GO Debuted as part of Mega Raids during this event.

With so much happening in August, it’s reasonable to assume that players will remain very active to keep up with all the latest content. Of course, this includes the monthly Community Day event, which will include a Galarian version of Zigzagoon, but for those who log in every day, they can earn a Galarian Stunfisk for their Research Breakthrough encounter. Just complete 7 missions, 1 per day, to earn yourself items, resources, experience points, and an encounter with this trapped Pok√©mon.

Pokemon GO Available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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