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A Pokemon fan got the idea and made a beautiful embroidery piece inspired by the Kanto region starter Bulbasaur.

This Pokemon There’s a lot to be excited about in the community over the next few months.Recently shared about pokemon scarlet and Purple In the latest Pokemon Presents, this may inspire the player base to get creative and produce a lot of fan art to share with community members.For example, another Pokemon fan drew inspiration from the original debut Bulbasaur from the Kanto region to create a beautifully embroidered piece of Pokemon.

Pokemon Fans always seem to make something new and interesting based on their favorite Pokemon. Although there are more than 900 Pokemon on the current roster, spanning nine generations, longtime fans still seem to have a soft spot for the original starting Pokemon in the Kanto region. This can be seen in the ongoing and current production of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle based fan art and pieces posted online by the community.

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On Reddit, user NeedlePig shared an impressive Bulbasaur embroidery they recently made. Using green cloth as an artwork background, NeedlePigs’ work looks very neat and accurate, capturing the well-known characteristics of one of the most popular Grass-type Pokemon in the series. Fans may also appreciate the different stitches Redditors use for their creations, and how they only use certain stitches on specific parts of the Pokemon’s body, such as Bulbasaur’s bulbs, spots, eyes, mouth, and claws.

According to NeedlePig’s Instagram profile, custom embroidered artwork is something they produce on a regular basis, and this isn’t the first Pokemon Works they make. On their Instagram profile, they also share other Kanto-first custom stitched pieces, such as the Water-type Squirtle and Fire-type Charmander. Other video game series in the NeedlePig portfolio include death stranding, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kirby, and between us. What’s more, they also produce works for animated series such as adventure time and Studio Ghibli movies.

Those interested in NeedlePig’s custom embroidery work can easily commission work at the link provided by the artist.So far, they only seem to have released some from Pokemon Universe, which includes three Kanto starters, Magikarp and Gengar.Hope they can continue their work and do more embroidery Pokemon pieces.and pokemon scarlet and Purple Coming in November 2022, the community and fan base will probably be eager to see the three new Paldea debutants in lovely embroidered form.

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