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2022 is a great year Pokemon fans since it started with the launch Pokemon Legend: Arceusand in February, the first trailer pokemon scarlet and violet released. Since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the highly anticipated 9th generation debut. Pokemon Video game series.With the release of the latest version Pokemon The game is getting closer, fans Pokemon The community is flooding the internet with exciting fan art.

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Most of the fan art is based on the recently launched launcher Pokemon. For example, a while ago a fan devised his own take on the evolution of the Sprigatito.But some fans are sharing their favorite artwork Pokemon The same goes for games from previous generations. Recently, a fan made fun Sandygast art on the beach.

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During their recent beach visit, Reddit user SwampCrafter created a creative sand painting featuring Sandygast. Sandygast is a ghost/ground type Pokemon Introduced in the 7th generation. Sandygast looks like a pile of sand with a red shovel stuck in the back of his head. The original poster managed to capture many fine details in their Sandygast sand painting, but their Sandygast has one notable difference, it has a blue shovel instead of red.The artwork was a hit with the crowd Pokemon community on Reddit and garnered over 8,000 votes in less than four days.

‘s fans Pokemon The series was impressed with the creation of the original poster and thanked the creators in the comments section. One fan wrote: “Wow! So cute, great job! One of the best Alora Pokemon, it’s simple and effective.” Other fans were joking about what would happen if they got close to SwampCrafter’s creation. Reddit user Pepejuinaso jokingly wrote, “Don’t touch the shovel. Don’t touch the shovel. Don’t touch the shovel.

Fans have only one complaint about the creation of the original poster, and that is Blue Shovel. Reddit user WoolooOfWallStreet had an interesting idea about the shovel; they wrote, “It’s a trick so someone will try to touch it to change it to a red shovel” and started a whole new discussion.Overall, the post received a positive response online Pokemon Community.

In its long history, it has achieved great success Pokemon The franchise attracts a wide variety of admirers, each with their own unique perspective and artistic preferences. While most fans of the series show their love by creating different types of artwork, one fan showed off their creative grooming skills as they turned their dog into an Arcanine.

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