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The third official trailer pokemon scarlet and violet Out yesterday, The Pokemon Company finally showed off some of Gen 9’s biggest features, like the Terastal phenomenon. Terastallization allows trainers to grant a single Pokemon on their team the ability to change its type to any other type or commit to use the same base type it already has, but with more powerful moves, each battle. Terastal Pokemon may be better than Mega Evolutions in the long run, thanks to the versatility it brings, pokemon scarlet and violet There are also exciting additions to Paldean Pokedex.

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These include the Paldean Wooper, a Gen 9 regional variant of the popular salamander-like critter, which will now be a hybrid ground and poison Pokemon, the first since Pokemon Red and blueNidoking and Nidoqueen. The existence of Paldean Wooper was leaked early by someone with a copy of the early game, and then confirmed by a trusted leaker named Riddler Khu. All of Khu’s leaks have usually been proven correct or slightly off the mark, and now they’re claiming that the third trailer shows a photo of another hidden Pokemon.

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In a recent tweet, Khu posted an image of an in-game vehicle, pokemon scarlet and violetThe third trailer for the game first appeared, and the title says it’s the game’s newest Poison/Steel Pokemon. The truck itself isn’t a Pokemon, instead, the creature is the vehicle’s engine – as other leaks over the past few weeks have mentioned. The design of this Pokemon isn’t entirely visible, but considering the engine is made of metal and can stain the surrounding area, it’s suitable for a poison-steel hybrid.

pokemon scarlet and violet There could be more unused type combos, but Poison and Steel is a very powerful combo as it only has a 4x weakness and a 2x weakness as well as nine resistances and one immunity. It’s a bit lacking on the offensive end in terms of mobile coverage, but the concept of Poison/Steel engine Pokemon is very creative and compelling for the series. Still, although the video shows the Pokemon in the truck, it has not been officially announced, and more information may come at a later date.

However, what’s unlikely to appear in Gen 9 is a new evolution of the Eevee, despite the fact that fans have been asking for a new evolution since Sylveon was announced.In fact, the new commodity pokemon scarlet and violet With the Eevee and its existing evolution all in one photo, it’s hard to believe that a new Eeveelution is indeed on the horizon.

pokemon scarlet and violet Launched on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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