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  • While the Harmonizer doesn’t sound like a formidable weapon, the Waker’s primary saboteur certainly leaves its mark.
  • Answer the question “Is there a mount Next-generation sequencing?“With the introduction of one of the Waker’s abilities, Fredran Riding, it’s going to be more difficult.
  • Blocking attacks will make the familiar Marmelo angry, and at a certain point, its rage may explode.

This is not the first time a new course has been introduced Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2:NGS) since launch in June 2021.The sci-fi-themed action RPG added bow and katana powerhouse Braver in August of the same year, followed by Bouncer’s Jet Boots with Soaring Blades in October. This week’s introduction to Waker, however, will be entirely different, as it is not at Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2).

Although it bears faint resemblance to the popular summoner class PSO2 When choosing a weapon (Harmonizer), this class does not pet, feed, or otherwise play with pets. No, there is absolutely no candy box to manage here. Waker unleashes photonic, animalistic representations of death and destruction in deft dances in keeping with the game’s fluid combat style. This class isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with enemies, although it can also deal damage from a distance. With a single target and area of ​​effect (AOE) damage ability, Waker is as complex as it is versatile, and I’ll describe what I mean in the paragraphs below.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis screenshots

As mentioned above, Awakeners use Harmonizers, and by taking the skill Harmony Concentration from their skill tree, Awakeners contribute to the Familiar’s Concentration Meter related to the Photon Art (PA) they use to damage enemies. contribute. In short, if you do some ground shocks with a Wulfren-related PA, you’ll build a Wulfren’s focus meter. Ride Fredran into battle and destroy enemies (yes, you can, it’s a PA called Fredran Riding), and you’ll increase Fredran’s Focus Gauge.Also, building their focus scale at the same time has considerable rewards, as you can free them by consuming some of them by using the familiar harmony of class skills at the same time For some harmony breaking.

The above may sound simple, but the game changes when you consider every ability available to Waker Variety When “charging”, the or button is held down for a while before being released. For example, the aforementioned Fredran Riding ability, in normal use, simply instructs Fredran to fire a ranged explosion at an enemy. The real magic comes when you charge up your abilities and then find yourself charging at the enemy on your winged familiar. When the PA is finally released, Fredran shines brightly and takes the enemy away.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis screenshots

Wulfen Demolition is also complex, the actions performed by the bulky familiar will vary depending not only on whether you charge the skill or not, but also on how long Your ability to recharge. Uncharged, Wulfen performs a shock wave attack. Charged for a short time, Wulfen will perform his ground pounding with some aftershocks in the surrounding area. The longer the charge is, the more PP you’ll drain, and Wulfen will perform a stronger attack than his normal ground bash. These are just two abilities that the Awakener can use in combat, others are just as complex.

In addition, another familiar summoned by the Awakener – Mamelo. After successfully deflecting an enemy attack with your weapon action, Marmelo grows (up to twice its size).Then hold down the weapon action before releasing Throw Marmelo at enemies, a direct hit will cause an explosion. Finally, Awakeners can also gain the Treble Clef Mark ability from their skill tree – this causes after multiple basic attacks against the same enemy, a “mark” is applied, increasing the damage taken and the downside applied Factor (Increases the chance of basically having a stun.) Holding down a normal attack while targeting an enemy with a treble clef marker will cause the marker to detonate.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis screenshots

There are a few other things in the Awakener’s skill tree to make the game more interesting, but based on the above alone, you can easily find yourself dashing into battle aboard a winged familiar, causing earthquakes, and summoning two at the same time. Concatenate chaos, throwing a different familiar like a bomb while detonating the marked enemy in the middle. It’s not laid-back gameplay, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an absolute “blast”. If you already like your current class very much but are interested in Waker, you should know that you can choose it as a subclass, but the benefit of doing so is mainly to ensure your survival, as many abilities depend on the use of the Harmonizer.

if you don’t play PSO2:NGS However, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with yourself (pun intended). All you have to do is visit the Xbox or Windows Store on console or PC and download the game for free to experience the wonders of Planet Halpha for yourself.

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