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Marvel revealed a lot of the future of the MCU at its San Diego Comic-Con panel, but there were some glaring omissions. One of those omissions is Moon Knight, as the hero’s future is still up in the air. However, Oscar Isaac and the show’s director, Mohammad Diab, may have just confirmed from a boat in Cairo that the show will run for at least another season.

Hype for Moon Knight Season 2 Begins TikTok from hayaattiaaa (pass gizmo). Diab has since shared the video on Twitter, titled “Moon Knight Season 2?” from the director, which has been viewed nearly 2 million times in 14 hours. Maybe Disney and Marvel need to prove there’s a lot of interest in the Moon Knight story going on.

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Isaac and Diab are on the ship in Cairo, the backdrop for much of Moon Knight’s first season. Diab remained silent when asked about the potential for a second season in the clip, but Isaac asked instead “why would we be in Cairo otherwise?” Diab, an Egyptian, has been outspoken about Hollywood’s past portraying this way of the country, emphasizing that 1984’s Wonder Woman is an example that doesn’t accurately represent the country.

As for the future of Moon Knight, if you haven’t finished the Disney+ series, stop reading now, as there are some major spoilers ahead. Although there has been no talk of a second season until now, the door is definitely open. Although Kongshu took Mark and Steven out of his service, the credits show that Isaac’s third, seemingly more unpredictable personality, Jack Lockley, is now playing.

If there is a second season, it may be a while before it hits Disney+. As mentioned above, Marvel showcased a number of films and shows at SDCC, depicting the end of Phase 4, most of Phase 5, and even the beginning of Phase 6. Still, there are plenty of gaps, and it’s also possible that we’ll see Moon Knight appear elsewhere, even without a hint of how the show’s story ties into the wider MCU.

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