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Player First Games, developer multidimensionalthe arena fighting game that pits Warner Bros. and DC Comics characters against each other in a life-and-death battle has announced that it will delay the start of Season 1 and the release of Morty’s characters.

No release date for the update was provided, and no reason for the delay was given.

The game, which began public beta last month, was a surprising success.Yesterday, Valve shared this multidimensional was the most popular game on Steam in the last week of July, beating behemoths like this Eldon Ring and Grand Theft Auto V. borderline Andrew Webster praised the game, saying it “feels like a surprisingly solid fighter with a huge variety of attacks and characters.”

Fans are concerned about the delay, believing there is some connection between this and the news of the Warner Bros/Exploration merger.Warner Bros. – This company owns the rights to many, if not all, characters multidimensional The roster and as a publisher of the game – has cancelled several creative projects, including batgirl and Scooby-doo movies. multidimensional Game director Tony Huynh dismissed those concerns on Twitter, “We are unaffected by the Discovery/Warner Bros merger.”

To make up for the delay, developer Player First Games said it would be extending the preseason battle pass until August can participate multidimensional Now in public beta on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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