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Eevee is one of the most unique Pokemon in the franchise’s history, largely thanks to its branching evolutionary tree. While most Pokemon have linear evolution, Eevee is able to evolve into a variety of different creatures depending on the situation. These Eevee evolutions have also proven popular with fans, who often request to see more Eevee added.Unfortunately, it’s been almost a decade since the launch of the new Eevee Evolution, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming pokemon scarlet and violet will break this streak.

Some Pokemon Fans are already praying pokemon scarlet and violet There might be new Eevee evolutions added to the mix, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.The last time a new Eevee evolution was introduced was in 2013 Pokemon X and Y When the goblin-type Sylveon debuted.A lot of Pokemon Since then, games have come and gone without seeing a new Eevee evolution, despite the fact that there are still many Pokemon types that don’t have an Eevee evolution.

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new Pokemon Merchandise, spotted by CentroPokemon, said to be season of the anime, will focus on the ninth generation of the game, aka pokemon scarlet and violet. This item is based on Eevee and its evolution and is scheduled for a November release.Since this item only contains existing Eevee evolutions, it seems to confirm that there will be no new Eevee evolutions pokemon scarlet and violet.

Now, the new Eevee evolution is entirely possible pokemon scarlet and violet This item doesn’t make any sense, so fans should keep that in mind.At this point, however, it would be surprising for a new Eevee evolution to appear in the game, especially when one considers Eevee in the game pokemon scarlet and violet‘s latest trailer, and how the game’s gimmick works.

pokemon scarlet and violetThe game’s gimmick is called Terastal, and it allows players to increase the power of their Pokemon type, or in some cases completely change their Pokemon type.Latest displayed example pokemon scarlet and violet The trailer is Eevee becoming a water type while maintaining its standard Eevee form, rather than evolving into a Vaporeon.So while there may not be a new Eevee evolution pokemon scarlet and violetEevee still has access to the powers of different types of Pokemon.

there’s still a long way to go pokemon scarlet and violet release date, so it’s still possible that a new Eevee evolution will be announced, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath.The good news is there will still be plenty of new Pokemon to catch up pokemon scarlet and violet Help fill in the gaps.

pokemon scarlet and violet Released on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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