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Square Enix has revealed some new details about its fantasy farming simulation game Harvestella, which debuted on Nintendo’s Direct Mini in June.

Final Fantasy Meets Stardew Valley Meets Rune Factory The game spans multiple seasons and towns match.

Square Enix has now revealed the gorgeous pink and purple cherry blossoms of the spring town of Nemea.

Trailer for Harvestella.

Nemea is also the home of newly announced character Istina. She’s a teacher who takes care of children at an orphanage in town, even though she has a secret past to uncover.

Nemea night

Nemea by day

Part of the game involves adventure, with multiple jobs available in combat. In addition to the Warrior, Mage, and Shadowwalker classes, there is the Sky Lancer, who uses a spear for AoE wind attacks.

Working at Sky Lancer in Harvestella
The work of the Sky Lancers.

Your allies in battle will also have unique character stories – completing these will increase your intimacy, but it’s unclear if this includes romance.

Then there’s agriculture, where crops are either sold for cash or used for cooking.

Spring crops include Nemean Tomato, Strawbuddy and… the coveted Cucumble and Wisty Peach.

Harvestella Peaches and Cucumbers
Wisty peaches and cucumbers.

This Square Enix Blog Agriculture and food transportation are also carefully studied.

Harvestella will release on Switch and Steam on November 4th.

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