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MultiVersus will not be affected by the ongoing merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.

Last year, Warner Bros. and Discovery merged for $43 billion, questioning what might have happened with the many projects underway at the time. Over the past few days, we’ve seen the merger finally start to have an impact, as the company’s CEO David Zaslav is looking to restructure Warner Bros. to focus more on big-theatrical releases, leading to Batgirl and Scooby: The holiday haunt is put on hold, although it’s nearing completion.

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This has led many to worry about the fate of MultiVersus, a game entirely focused on Warner Bros. assets interacting and fighting each other. Things got even more worrisome earlier today when it was announced that the first season of MultiVersus, including the release of the new Warrior Morty, had been delayed indefinitely. Fans were quick to take this as a sign that the merger could affect MultiVersus and could be in for some kind of trouble, but game director Tony Huynh, resolved soon.

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After announcing the season delay, Huang simply tweeted: “For those wondering, we won’t be affected by the Discovery/Warner Bros merger,” confirming that MultiVersus won’t be affected by what happened between Discovery and WB the effect of anything. That’s not surprising, considering that most of the big changes appear to be happening to both companies’ approaches to streaming and theatrical distribution, but it’s reassuring that MultiVersus is safe.

Reactions to Initial Concerns with MultiVersus There’s going to be some kind of trouble because of Warner Bros. Findings include a lot of concerns from the fan base. “They really released a Warner Bros. crossover a week before Warner Bros. started falling apart, lol,” said one Redditor, while another aptly “fucked.”

Thankfully, despite the concerns, it doesn’t look like we have anything to worry about, and the delays in Morty and Season 1 are purely related to the quality of the games themselves.

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