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The first season of MultiVersus has been delayed until at least August 15, more than a week from the original season start date. Originally set to go live on August 8, players will have to wait a while to get past the new Battle Pass due to these unforeseen delays announced via social media.

Additionally, it means that Morty has also been delayed to an unannounced time in the future. The extended season can be good or bad depending on your progress, but the delay of the second DLC character is a big blow to almost everyone.

Watch the progress trailer for MultiVersus here!

Game director Tony Huynh, who appears to be hard at work on development, tweeted from their personal account “I’m not happy we let players down”. Now, lag does happen, especially in a game like MultiVersus that receives new content at a fast pace, so it’s reasonable to expect a bump from time to time on the road.

Interestingly, there may be some MultiVersus related news later this week. The Evo Lounge – a curated livestream synchronized with Evo 2022 – will have Warner Bros. in attendance at some form of presentation. With Ed Boon confirming no Mortal Kombat news earlier this week, that pretty much makes MultiVersus the only possibility.

Whether it’s due to typical development delays or otherwise, we’ve got to hold on to further updates on this summer’s favorite fighter.

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