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The first season of MultiVersus, as well as the game’s next character, Morty, has been delayed to an as yet unconfirmed date.

The first season of the Super Smash Bros.-inspired, Warner Bros. IP-filled platformer was set to begin next Tuesday, August 9, with the aim of bringing Rick and Morty’s Morty fame to the roster. Rick is almost set to join sometime in the first season, but apparently could be delayed as well.

Play now: Multiversus Lebron gameplay

After a tweet thanking fans for enjoying the public beta of MultiVersus, the official account wrote: “We want to let everyone know that we are delaying the start of Season 1 and Morty’s release to a later date. We know this may make Some want to reassure our community that we are committed to delivering new and exciting content that delights players.”

exist another tweet In line with the announcement, the account said it would let fans know the time as soon as possible, and thanked everyone for their patience.

The game’s public beta officially kicks off on July 26, starting with 17 characters, including Superman, Furry, Iron Giant, Bugs Bunny, and more (GameSpot ranks it for you conveniently here). Basketball player and real-life LeBron James also joined the roster as part of the public beta launch.

In GameSpot’s MultiVersus review, we gave the game an 8/10, “The team-based mechanics really surpass anything else offered in a platform fighter, and the classic 1v1 format is impressive. The roster offers a wealth of Diversity, but being able to unlock all the characters in a wallet without going into the real world would certainly be a chore.”

MultiVersus is currently available in public beta on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC, with cross-platform play and cross-platform capabilities that work across platforms.

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