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The first official season of MultiVersus and the Battle Pass have been delayed alongside the release of the new character, and there is no new release date yet.

multidimensional It has been taking the gaming world by storm lately. Combining a series of interesting and unique characters from all of Warner Bros. IP, the platform fighter managed to make it into the 10 most popular games on Steam on its first day of open beta.and multidimensional It’s proven so popular that fans on the internet have been asking when developer Player First Games will release more game content because they want more characters, a proper battle pass to get rewards, and more.

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recent, Multiple log’ The game director revealed what’s in store for the game’s first season, including the pricing of the battle pass and how many tiers it will have. Everything looks promising, as for around $10, players can access 50 tiers that grant cosmetic items, XP boosts, toasts, gold, and more.At the time, it was said multidimensional The Battle Pass will be released next Tuesday, August 9th. However, plans have since changed and the first season’s release has been delayed.

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This news comes from Multiple log’ The official Twitter account, where the developer posted a series of three tweets explaining the situation. First of all, a big thank you to all the players who are currently enjoying the platform fighter.Then, below that tweet, the account notified fans of the Season 1 Battle Pass and launch rick and morty Morty was postponed to a “later date” as a playable character. multidimensional Acknowledging the news will disappoint some, but reassuring the community that it will deliver content that “makes players happy.”

The nature of the tweets is generally vague, with no reason given for the delay Multiple log’ Q1 or when it is expected to drop.Taking into account the information recently shared about the battle pass Multiple log’ Game Director, it seems the first season is ready for release. Some online fans felt that Morty wasn’t quite where he should be, leading the development team to decide he needed more work. There is no official reasoning given by the player’s first game official, and fans can only guess before the official explanation is given.

In addition to the release of new characters and a proper battle pass multidimensional, fans are also expecting some key changes to certain characters.With the development of Yuan Multiple log’ In the open beta, players have been figuring out which fighters are overpowered.Bugs Bunny and Finn from adventure time Specifically selected by the user as two roles multidimensional That requires a nerf.

multidimensional Public beta available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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