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The director of MultiVersus has confirmed that Finn will be nerfed in the future.

While MultiVersus is fairly balanced overall, there are some characters in the roster that are stronger than others. The most obvious example so far is Adventure Time’s Finn, his attacks have incredible priority, a very strong recovery move that knocks people down with ease, can attack while moving, and has good surrounding Speed ​​and power stats. Plus he’s now one of the free characters in the rotation, and there’s a lot of Finn spam in MultiVersus at the moment.

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Thankfully, it looks like Ooo’s greatest hero will be nerfed at some point in the future. A MultiVersus fan shared their work on revamping the Finn model to more accurately fit the show, including having his robotic arm share their model with MultiVersus director Tony Huynh. In the same thread, a Twitter user asked Huynh if Finn would be nerfed in the future, he just answered“Yes”.

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Huynh didn’t provide any more details about what might change in the future for Finn, or when we can expect the nerfs to start, but it seems likely that it will be part of MultiVersus’ next update, as Huynh has confirmed that some major changes have been made to the game and bug fixes, which will be released in updates after EVO. Whether or not the update will be delayed alongside Season 1 has yet to be announced, but we should know soon.

Finn isn’t the only character confirmed to be getting some tweaks in the near future. Just last week, Huynh confirmed that Bugs Bunny will be nerfed, while Wonder Woman will be buffed. It hasn’t been announced that other characters will be changing anytime soon, but the latest update’s patch notes reveal that Taz will eventually tweak his Tornado movement further for cooldown.

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