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MultiVersus players were a little concerned when developer Player First Games admitted it had to delay the game’s first season of content, which included Rick and Morty as playable fighters. Given the timing, some believe the delay has something to do with the recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, which has wide-ranging ramifications for multiple WB projects.

Obviously, delaying and merging are completely unrelated, with MultiVersus Director Tony Huynh It was clear on Twitter that games and studios were not affected. While we still don’t have the reason behind the delay, Huynh’s announcement will put to rest any crazy theories about mergers before they become too common.

To be sure, fans’ concerns are not without reason. The whole concept of MultiVersus is to have characters travel through Warner Bros. Many franchises and compete with each other. It’s easy to assume that the merger could affect which roles will be included, undermining any plans already underway.

But even if that happens, modders will no doubt make up for it and figure out ways to get more Warner Bros. characters into the game. The modding community has started adding characters from other companies, such as Shrek, Optimus Prime, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

However, so far, it appears that the merger has had no impact on Warner Bros. At least as far as we know, the gaming department. The same can’t be said anywhere else, with a live-action Batgirl movie and a new animated Scooby-doo movie on hold. This means that neither project will be shown in theaters or via streaming, although both projects are said to have actually been completed.

As for MultiVersus, despite the delay in Season 1, the game is still expected to make an open beta appearance at EVO 2022, filling the void left by Super Smash Bros. Mortal Kombat 11, another fighting game published by Warner Bros., will also appear.

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