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Mini subway sign
Image: Dinosaur Polo Club

Just a few weeks ago, we reported on a dubly titled, familiar-looking game that reminded us — and many others — of the Dino Polo Club mini-subway. That game, Mini Subway: Logic on the Metro Line, appeared on the eShop, and fans of the addictive 2018 puzzler immediately noticed the resemblance.

Now, go to nintendo The counterfeit item has now been removed from the eShop, the report said. Discussing the issue with Eurogamer, Dinosaur Polo Club stated that “while we always try to contact the developers first, we will take legal action if needed” and thankfully it looks like some kind of progress has been made.

In an email to Go Nintendo, Stride PR’s Ryan Tatum confirmed that the Mini Subway has now been removed from the digital storefront, saying:

“We would like to provide an update that knockoffs have officially been removed from the eShop. The team appreciates your support in spreading awareness!”

While it’s all fine when the game is inspired by other games, it’s clearly a case of leaning on someone’s shoulder because you can no longer get that game on the eShop. We hope this sets an example for others trying to copy other developers, and we’re happy to hear that Dinosaur Polo Club can now sit back and relax.

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