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Back in March, you might recall reports that Microsoft was working on a new family plan for Game Pass. These reports that are out now are true, and an insider preview test of the new program is now available in a very small number of countries.

as detailed in a New Microsoft Blog Postan Xbox Insider trial of the program will allow anyone with a special Insider Preview Game Pass program to invite up to four people to share the subscription, each of whom will then have unique access to the full range of games, content, and benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .

The immediate problem now is that the test is only available for people in Colombia and Ireland. While people added to a subscription by Insiders don’t need to be an Insider themselves, they do need a Microsoft account and must be in the same country.

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To participate in the preview, Insiders in the relevant beta circle will first need to purchase the aforementioned Insider Preview Game Pass program from the Microsoft Store.

Those who already subscribe to Game Pass will convert their time to the new membership tier based on the monetary value of their old plan. For example, Microsoft says that a full month of Ultimate will be equivalent to an 18-day membership after the switch, suggesting that – unsurprisingly – the family plan will cost significantly more than a standard subscription.

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