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Left-wing groups have warned that Republican amendments on immigration could overturn Democrats’ world-saving climate change “reconciliation” bill as soon as this weekend.

“I made it very clear at the caucus [meeting] If these amendments are left at the end [bill]would kill reconciliation,” Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), according to Reported on August 2 on the Bloomberg Media website.

Tuesday, describes Mendenz’s written statement As a warning to Democrats, “oppose voting for Republican amendments on issues like immigration that could threaten overall settlement legislation.”

On the same day, 286 left-wing groups sent a letter Urge Democrats to reject any amendments — dubbed ”poison pill“—which would reduce the influx of foreign immigrants into American workplaces and homes.” Pass Anti-Immigration Amendments [climate bill] may present challenges to the passage of this important legislation,” the letter said.

The warnings “make it clear that immigration is the most important issue on the political left,” said Jon Phil, a former border agency official who now works at the Center for Immigration Studies. “Everything else is on the back of their main agenda, which is mass immigration by any means possible,” Phil said.

Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations at NumbersUSA, said the warnings were justified because many liberal groups felt the climate bill was not far from what they wanted.So if Democrats allow substantial changes, such as requiring “build the rest of the wall, change the credible fear standard, or [making] mandatory [the] stay in mexico [program] … because of this [bill] Just a fraction of what they want,” she said.

She added that so far, the GOP has not announced amendments with major changes.

The climate change bill is making its way through the Senate through a fast-track settlement process, and it’s also being redefined as an anti-inflation bill. Liberals have made their implicit threat amid reports that Republicans will exploit a weak link in the “reconciliation” process.

The weak link is the so-called “vote puller,” with senators expected to make many changes to the spending package starting this weekend. The amendments are decided by a majority vote, so even if a minority of Democrats back a Republican amendment, it will be added to the Democrats’ climate bill.

Pro-immigration groups worry that some Democrats will support legislation to expand the Section 42 immigration barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border. A wall could be more effective than a border wall because it allows officials to legally exclude anyone — even those who say they are seeking shelter from threats to their families.

one Tile 42 Amendment may be included in vote-a-rama already given by several Democratsincluding Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV), Jon Tester (D-MT), Rob Portman (R-OH), Maggie Hassan (D-NH) ).

The amendment would require Barrier 42 to remain in effect until the country’s surgeons officially end the coronavirus emergency — and Democrats have touted the amendment as a disaster for immigrants.

An amendment “functionally ends asylum,” Kerry Talbot, deputy director of the Lauren Powell Jobs Immigration Center, told The Washington Post. Washington post. “Will the Democrats unite to vote down it?”

The disaster narrative, however, is pro-immigrant PR, since Section 42 barriers have been used as a political arena by Democrats to pretend they are guarding the nation’s borders, Feere said.

The Title 42 barrier is operated by border chief Alejandro Mayorkas. He is a Cuban-born pro-immigration fanatic who disregards the country’s immigration laws because he admits about a million illegal immigrants each year on the grounds that they are allowed to file asylum claims. Mass immigration has tilted the nation’s economy in favor of Democratic donors by driving down American wages and driving up the cost of American housing.

Mayorkas also removed the legal barriers to Title 42 by exempting more arriving women and children. Most family immigrants are allowed into the U.S. even as they try to get their fathers, husbands and family members to sneak into the U.S. illegally on coyote-guided hikes across the border.

“These corrections are purely messaging,” Jenks said. She added that any directive from Congress that has nothing to do with the law or the budget “would be misused by this administration — and everyone knows that.”

Democrats could also create a process where some endangered Democrats could vote for a popular anti-immigration amendment and then pass a “wrap-around” amendment backed by leadership that would remove the previous amendment, she said.

So far, the GOP is also using the issue as a political arena, Feere said.

For example, the draft 42nd Amendment doesn’t force Mayorkas to fill any of the holes he created, Feere said. He added:

Unfortunately, there are plenty of weak Republicans who can also accept invalid political messages [in stopping migration]If Republicans worked harder, they would add amendments to hire thousands of new ICE officers and remove all Mayorkas’ illegal immigration incentives.

Phil said Political Theater was “as always” run by both parties.

Many pro-immigration Democrats are eager to exaggerate the alleged threat of the 42nd Amendment.

“I call on all Democrats to stand firm and unite against Republican amendments that could harm immigrant families,” Menendez told Greg Sargent, one of them Washington post’Lots of establishment leftists.

Democrats “have a huge opportunity for a breakthrough, but could threaten it by voting to effectively end asylum, a key part of Ted Kennedy’s 1980 Refugee Act,” tweet Frank Sharry, longtime advocate of amnesty and extraction of immigrants.

Sargent’s amendment is ‘time bomb still threatening the big climate deal’ wrote.

“Codifying Stephen Miller policies to end sheltering is not one of our climate goals,” tweet Former housing minister Julian Castro. Democratic senators must be clear: They will not jeopardize our chances of investing in climate by adding a right-wing poison pill amendment to codify Section 42. “

Meanwhile, other business-backed groups hope to take advantage of the climate bill accelerate migrant.

Jenks countered that Republicans should take up the challenge and use the vote to push for major change.

“This is the last chance Republicans will have to force a vote on the issue of their choice [before the 2022 election]. So it would be foolish not to push immigration as much as possible,” she said.

Phil said even ordinary immigrants could see through the Senate’s gesture.

“Amid all this political back and forth, the message [sent to] South of our border has not changed – people around the world still hear that the United States welcomes almost everyone who enters our border illegally,” he said.

Extract migration

Since at least 1990, DC agencies have extracted tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants — and temporary visa workers — from poor countries as workers, managers, consumers, and tenants of various U.S. investors, and CEO.

This federal economic policy of extracting immigrants tilts the free market in favor of investors and employers.

Inflationary policies make it difficult for the average American to marry, develop a career, support a family or buy a home.

Extractive immigration also slows innovation and reduces American productivity, in part because it allows employers to boost stock prices by using cheap stooped labor rather than productivity-enhancing technology.

Immigration hurts workers’ workplace rights and widens the regional wealth gap between the Democratic coastal states and the Republican heartland and southern states. The influx of cheap labor has shifted the economy toward low-productivity jobs and has driven at least 10 million American men out of the workforce.

An economy built on the extraction of immigrants also eroded Americans’ political influence over elites, alienated young people, and intensified America’s culture of democratic citizenship because it allowed wealthy elites to ignore desperate Americans are bottom society.

The economic policy was supported by progressives who wanted to transform America from a society ruled by a civic culture of European origin to a progressive empire of competing, resentful identity groups. “We’re trying to be the world’s first multi-racial, multi-ethnic superpower,” Rep. Rohit Khanna (D-CA) Tell This New York Times March 2022. “It’s going to be a phenomenal achievement … we’ll win in the end,” he boasted.

Progressive colonial-like economic strategies killed many immigrants. It exploits poor foreigners and divides foreign families as it draws human resources from poor home countries to serve wealthy American investors.This immigration policy also minimizes shareholder pressure on U.S. companies to build beneficial and complementary relationships trading with people in poor countries.

Business-backed immigration advocates hide this extraction-immigrant economic policy in a variety of high-sounding explanation and theatrical border security program. For example, progressives claim that the United States is a “nation of immigrants”, that immigration is good for immigrants, and that the country must renew itself by changing its population.

Polls show public wanting to welcome some immigrants, but also reveal deep and broad public opposition to labour migration and temporary contract inflows staff member Enter the jobs young graduates in the US seek.

Opposition is growing, anti-establishment, multiracial, transgender, non-racist, class based, bipartisan, reasonablepersevering, and acknowledging that American citizens should be united with one another.

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