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$20,000 Halo 2 Challenge by Streamer and YouTuber MoistCr1tikal Finally Completed, Streaming Jarwarin Claim a bounty.

Earlier this summer, MoistCr1tikal offered $5,000 to anyone who could conquer what he called “the toughest challenge in all of gaming.” That challenge? Complete Halo 2 single-player on Legendary difficulty with all the skulls in the game on increasing difficulty without dying once. While this feat must have been done by someone somewhere, it hasn’t been recorded on video since the game’s 2004 release, which is why MoistCr1tikal’s challenge also stipulates that the entire ordeal needs to be streamed live on YouTube or Twitch to qualify. When no one came forward for three weeks, MoistCr1tikal raises bounty to $20,000 For the first person to get this done.

While it’s certainly up for debate whether the undead Halo 2 “LASO” (legendary, all skeletons are) run is “the toughest challenge in all of the games”, it’s definitely there. Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty is already notoriously difficult. For starters, there are more advanced enemies (just more enemies in general). Enemies deal greatly increased damage, have better weapons, throw more grenades, and are smarter. Melee attacks from Elites and some Flood forms are one-hit kills. And that’s all without mentioning the game’s infamous jackal snipers, which appear more frequently and are far more accurate and deadly on Legendary difficulty.

All of this before opening the game to modify the skull’s difficulty. With the opening of various skulls, the Halo 2 saga turns into an entirely different ballgame. For example, the Assassin’s Skull makes enemies permanently invisible. Myths give enemies more health and shields. Black Eye makes the player’s shields not recharge automatically and can only be refilled by killing enemies with melee attacks. Famine causes all weapons dropped by enemies or allies to have half ammo. Any mistake, no matter how small, will almost certainly result in immediate death. The only skull Jervalin doesn’t wear is the Envy, which grants the Master Chief Arbiter’s active camouflage abilities and actually makes the game easier, not harder.

To put it mildly, this is absolutely brutal. Even without the immortality rule, completing the challenge is hard enough. But Jervalin, who completed the run using the original Halo 2 disc, and who has built a reputation for completing various Halo-related challenges over the years, won the gold medal in style, completing his run in less than six and a half hours. Run. He also didn’t go beyond using a few tricks to get the win. During the game’s final boss fight with the barbarian chieftain Tartarus, Jervalin smuggled a flying Banshee vehicle into the boss arena to shorten the encounter. After he won, his family ran in to give him a hug.

“You can’t program a healthier ending here,” MoistCr1tikal said in a Video to congratulate Jervalin. According to MoistCr1tikal, over the past 40 days, about 2,000 people have actively tried to complete the challenge. Only 25 people passed the first level, MoistCr1tikal said.

Jervalin himself said on the livestream that he once thought an undead Halo 2 LASO run was “impossible.” Now, his fortune has increased by $20,000, and his feat will go down in history.

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