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Introduction to diving:

  • InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has launched a campaign showcasing the comfort of staying in hotels and an improved loyalty program, According to the announcement. The work went live in the US and UK on August 3, and will roll out globally later this year.
  • The multi-million-dollar “Guest How You Guest” campaign is the largest media investment by the owner of the InterContinental hotel in a decade, according to a spokesman. The effort has led to a reimagined loyalty platform, IHG One Rewards, that unifies the hotel chain’s 17 brands and more than 6,000 hotels.
  • Ideas appear on online, TV, print and outdoor channels, including billboards, murals and subway stations. InterContinental Hotels Group has joined a host of hotel companies in launching an ambitious marketing campaign to capitalize on a strong rebound in tourism.

Dive Insights:

InterContinental Hotels Group, which has a range of budget options such as Kimpton and Holiday Inn, is embarking on its most expensive marketing blitz in a decade as travel demand continues to soar but also a headache for eager jet passengers.The global campaign represents the group’s broadest media investment in its loyalty offering, following the Introducing IHG One Rewards in April. The simplified program prioritizes user flexibility and richer benefits, and is accompanied by a new mobile app that has also been enhanced for “Guest How You Guest”.

The ad that accompanies the ad depicts the pampered lifestyle of IHG customers, with people relaxing poolside, drinking with friends and feasting on sweets and pastries in bed.The idea is to create a sense of comfort that may resonate with consumers longing for a break Encountering an overcrowded airport And other travel-related disruptions that have become common this summer.

Claire Bennett, global chief customer officer at IHG, said in a statement: “Looking around, it’s hard not to notice that more and more travelers are having to fend for themselves, which is not at all The guest feel.” “The images and content are engaging and beautiful, but they’re also authentic and send a message that you don’t have to do everything all the time. We’re here to take care of you all.”

Video support includes a variety of 30-second and 15-second ads, as well as social media components on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok. IHG developed custom stop motion and triptic assets to help ideas pop better in app feeds.The marketer also has tailored acquisition promotions targeting markets such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and London, as well as print media in the US and UK

A growing number of hotel chains are trying to win back travelers by touting the actual perks and indulgences of staying at a hotel compared to other accommodations. Hilton launched its first global brand platform last month with a related campaign with similar leanings.a series of advertisements star heiress paris hilton And lean towards her luxurious lifestyle to highlight features like pet-friendly services and guaranteed connecting rooms. Other drivers of home-sharing rivals like Airbnb, in which a video shows a family arriving at their resort only to find the house is creepier than advertised.

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