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wondering how Unlock secret characters in Vampire Survivor? When you start your first run, you only have a handful of Vampire Survivors characters and a few weapons available. However, with each playthrough, more items, weapons, and characters are unlocked for you to use in future attempts.

These items are essential if you wish to use the Vampire Survivor weapon evolution to maximize your weapon’s damage output for the best Vampire Survivors build. The game also locks in new characters upon request, such as upgrading your gear to a certain threshold, finding items in a level, or killing a certain number of monsters. Later, you can also find arcane treasures that give your weapons unique rewards to annihilate your enemies.

Some of these unlock conditions are vague, so we thought we’d list how to get all the vampire survivor characters, weapons, items, and levels. We also have a cheat code that you need to enter to get another hidden vampire slayer and steps to access other secret characters.

Vampire Survivor Secret Unlocked

Here are all the vampire survivors unlocked:


  • Akka – Upgraded Fire Wand to level 4
  • Porta – Upgrade the Lightning Ring to level 4
  • slope – Raised Garlic to level 7
  • Cleric – Restores 1,000 HP for life
  • Conchetta – Find and open the coffin in Gallotta
  • Motaccio – Defeat 3,000 skeletons in total
  • Domario – Get 5,000 coins at a time
  • Crouch – Defeat 100,000 enemies in total
  • Yata Cavallo – Defeat a total of 3,000 lion heads
  • lama – Survive 20 minutes with at least 10% curse
  • poppy – Find and open the Dairy Factory’s coffin by destroying all enemies around it.It appears as “?” on the galaxy map
  • Christine – Raise the pentagram to level seven
  • Pugnala Provola – Find and open the coffin in the crazy forest by destroying all the enemies around you.It appears as “?” on the galaxy map
  • Bianca Ramba – Defeat a total of 3,000 milk elements at the dairy
  • Giovanna – Find and open the coffin in the inlaid library by destroying all surrounding enemies.It appears as “?” on the galaxy map
  • Osomio – Defeat a total of 3,000 lobsters in Gallota
  • Zi’Assunta Belpahese – Find and open Cappella Magna’s coffin by destroying all surrounding enemies.It appears as “?” on the galaxy map
  • dash – Enter “x-x1viiq” on the main menu, a beep will sound
  • toast – Kill a stalker or drowning, then press the down arrow and enter key when Toastie appears at the bottom right of the screen. You need to be fast as this only lasts half a second (requires you to unlock the Exdash first)
  • Smith – Enter “spam” in the main menu, then click Start and enter “spam” in the character selection menu. Select a character and enter “spam” in the stage selection menu. Start the level and select your Arcana, then type “humbug” to unlock the character (may require you to unlock Exdash and Toastie first)
  • Conchetta – Find and open Gallotta’s coffin by destroying all surrounding enemies.It appears as “?” on the galaxy map
  • Gallo – Unlock infinite corridor weapon evolution
  • Divano – Unlock Crimson Shroud weapon evolution
  • Sir Ambrogio – Kill 6,000 stage killers in Cappella Magna
  • red death – Kill death after time runs out (requires Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor weapon evolution)
  • Leda – Defeat Leda at Gallotta. Go south from the beginning until Leda appears.The screen dims and the music turns ominous when you get close to it
  • Boone Marabio – Defeat the shadows in the crazy forest. To make the shadows appear, collect the Skull and Pummarola items, then continue collecting chickens from the brazier until the pies start appearing. Continue to eat the pie until the shadow appears.You can increase your chances of spawning a brazier by collecting clover
  • Minna Mannera – Defeat the werewolf at the dairy. To make a werewolf appear, select Arcana VIII – Mad Groove when you start your run and collect the cheese that appears.Note that you will not be able to unlock new characters if the werewolf disappears instead of dying
  • Peppino – Use Orb Dust to heal Il Molise’s plants for a total of 100,000 health
  • get Boros – Go north and find the green circle with flowers in the bone area. Walk past the silver ring and keep walking until you find it. Stand in this area until you hear the unlock sound.
  • jorrenton – Survive 15 minutes with only one weapon activated in Boss Rash. (eggs allowed)
  • big pants – Fully upgrade all 16 passive items in Moongolow
  • Cosmo Pavo – Start running without eggs in Capella Magna. Take the Peachone and Ebony Wings weapons and Arcana I (Gemini). Walk to Crown and Tirajisu Project. You should see an nduja fritta on a nearby balcony. Pick it up and a door will open. Catch the bird sitting on the balcony to unlock this character.


  • rune tracker – Five minutes with Pasqualina
  • peach – Survive ten minutes with any character
  • fire wand – Destroy 20 light sources
  • garlic – Find the five-tier chicken
  • Lancet – Find Orologion by breaking the candle until it appears
  • cross – Find the rosary by breaking the candle until it appears
  • light ring – Defeat 5,000 enemies in total
  • Ebony Wings – Raise Peach to level 7
  • Song of Mana – Survive 15 minutes with Poppea
  • eight sparrows – Survive 10 minutes with Pugnala
  • Phila de Tupro – Survive 15 minutes with Pugnala
  • Gato Amari – Survive 15 minutes with Giovanna
  • Ventozacro – Survive 15 minutes with Zi’Assunta
  • Cygnus – Use Arcana I and Peachone (passive weapon)
  • Zalputia – Use Arcana I and Ebony Wings (passive weapons)
  • red muscle – Use Arcana I and Phiera Der Tuphello (passive weapon)
  • once or twice – Use Arcana I with eight sparrows (passive weapon)
  • flock breaker – Use Arcana I and Gatto Amari (passive weapon)
  • candy box – Unlock big panties


  • hollow heart – Survive one minute with any character.
  • wing – Reach level five.
  • crown – Reach level ten.
  • Bracers – Upgrade the King’s Bible to level 4.
  • candelabra – Raise Holy Water to level 4.
  • spell binder – Raise Rune Tracker to level 7.
  • empty book – Possess six different weapons.
  • clover – Find the little clover by breaking the candle until it appears.
  • magnet – Find the vacuum by breaking the candle until it appears.
  • Pentagram – Survive as any character for 20 minutes.
  • stone mask – Walk right from the start of the run for about three minutes in the Inlaid Library until you find it.
  • Magic wand – In the mosaic library start running and walk left until you find it.
  • Tirajisu – Survive 20 minutes with Krochi.
  • Torona’s Box – Hold six different weapon evolutions at once.
  • all-round – Upgrade Torona’s Box to level 9.
  • Skip #1 – Survive 30 minutes in Green Acres.
  • Skip #2 – Survive 15 minutes in Il Molise.
  • Skip #3 – Survive 30 minutes in the bone area.
  • Skip #4 – Survive Moongolow for 15 minutes.
  • Skip #5 – Survive the Boss Rash for 15 minutes.
  • Reroll #1 – Reach level 100 with Mortaccio.
  • Reroll #2 – Reach level 100 with the Yatta Cavallo.
  • Reroll #3 – Reach level 100 with Bianca Ramba.
  • Reroll #4 – Reach level 100 with O’Sole Meeo.
  • Reroll #5 – Reach level 100 with Ambrojoe.
  • Eviction #1 – Fill in 50 entries in the collection.
  • Eviction #2 – Fill in 60 entries in the collection.
  • Eviction #3 – Fill in 70 entries in the collection.
  • Eviction #4 – Fill in 80 entries in the collection.
  • Eviction #5 – Fill in 90 entries in the collection.
  • mind bender – Fill in 100 entries in the collection. (unlocks character customization)
  • skeleton maniac – Survive 30 minutes with the Lama.
  • Milky Way map – Follow the green arrow at the dairy until you find it. This is a permanent unlock that shows any items in the local area when you pause the game.
  • witch’s tears – Find Sorceress Tears in Gallotta. (unlocks quick mode)
  • random number – Find Randomazzo in Gallotta. (unlock the treasure)
  • Tome of Grim – Follow the green arrow to find the Grim Tome in the Mosaic Library. (Unlock evolution list in pause menu)
  • fable – Follow the green arrow to find Ars Gouda at the southernmost point of the Dairy Plant. (Unlocks Bestiary in the main menu)
  • Limit breakthrough – Pick up the Great Gospel. You can find it after killing the vampire survivor Ender boss in Cappella Magna that appears at the end of the run where the Yellow Hand appears. (Permanently allows you to upgrade weapons beyond their limits instead of picking up chickens or gold when upgrading items. You must enable this in the stage selection menu)
  • The Forbidden Scroll of Morban – Kill the Bone Balls in the Bone Zone.


  • 0 – Game Killer – Kill the Ender boss in Cappella Magna. If a yellow pointer appears on the screen at the start of your run, it will appear around 30 minutes.
  • I – Gemini – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Pugnala to reach level 99.
  • II – Twilight Requiem – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Dommario to reach level 99.
  • III – The Tragic Princess – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Porta to reach level 99.
  • V – Chaos in the dark – After unlocking Randomazzo, reach level 99 with Giovanna.
  • IV – Awake – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Krochi to reach level 99.
  • VI – Saraband of Healing – Find Randomazzo.
  • XVI – Slash – Reach level 99 with the Lama after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XVII – Lost and Found Painting – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Poppea to reach level 99.
  • XIX – Heart of Fire – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Arca to reach level 99.
  • XI – Pearl Waltz – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Imelda to reach level 99.
  • VII – Iron Blue Will – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Gennaro to reach level 99.
  • VIII – Crazy Groove – 31st minute to the Forest of Madness after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • X – start – After unlocking Randomazzo, reach level 99 with Antonio.
  • XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Concetta to reach level 99.
  • XV – Golden Disco – 31st minute to the mosaic library after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XIV – Crystal Prison – After unlocking Randomazzo, use Pasqualina to reach level 99.
  • XII – Out of bounds – 31st minute to Gallo Tower after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XX – An ancient sanctuary of silence – 31st minute to the dairy after unlocking Randomazzo.
  • XIII – Season of Evil – After unlocking Randomazzo, reach level 99 with Christine.


  • mosaic library – Reach level 20 in Wild Forest
  • green space – Unlock two stages of Super Mode (survive both stages for 30 minutes)
  • dairy – Reach level 40 in the mosaic library
  • Ilmolis – Unlock super mode with three normal stages
  • Gallotta – Reach level 60 at the Dairy Factory
  • Bone area – Unlock super mode with three normal stages
  • Moon Valley – Unlock super mode with four normal stages
  • capella magna – Process the entire eclipse event, starting from Moongolow and get the yellow flag
  • boss rash – Unlock all five normal stages of Super Mode

These are all unlocks in Vampire Survivor. To unlock some characters, you need to enter the Vampire Survivor cheat and install the cheat engine mod. If you’re looking for more games like this, why not check out our list of the best Roguelikes on PC, which highlights great games that change every time you play.

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