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In the six years since its release, Dead by Daylight has garnered an, arguably, passionate fanbase (no disrespect, as I’m one of them myself). So much of the fan base has been scrambling to buy a DBD dating sim, so Behavior went ahead and made one – in partnership with I Love You creator Colonel Sanders Psyop. Yes, the KFC dating sim is enough to make Psyop the perfect team to turn DBD’s Trapper into a lovable mistress. We got Hooked On You: A DBD Dating Sim and we were ready for our second date.

So you want to date a brutal killer?

Starting with the four DBD killers on your date list, you’ll complete the visual novel by choosing between catchers, ghosts, huntresses, and spirits on different dates. You’ll soon learn about their unique personalities, what makes them tick, and even some of their actual DBD backstory. The Trapper, for example, has a loud voice with an arrogant, childlike charm that somehow gets you past his blood-stained hands. Meanwhile, Huntress is surprisingly lively, sweet, and even forgiving, whether you choose or reject her.

Hooked on you DBD Dating Sim Huntress

You’ll engage in some cute yet challenging mini-games as you date these four amazing executioners. You better hope your PC is fast enough, as these games require accuracy, to stop the spinning display in front of your new love (or the meat you’re cutting). Think DBD’s skill check, only faster. I blamed my computer capabilities for my repeated failures…I stuck with it. However, even if you miss out, you’ll often find your date is so attracted to you that they’ll let you go, even if you’re served with poorly sculpted meat.

Of course, another aspect of dating these four, like any real-life dating process, is answering some tough questions about yourself. Every decision you make determines how your game plays out, and there are many different endings to choose from (including a particularly “attractive” surprise that we’ll let you see for yourself). How true your answer is depends in part on the smallest choice you give, usually just multiple choice out of three (I mean, someone has to code those results after all). However, I found myself being directed to more outlandish answers that you couldn’t help but click through. Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate and vanilla as other options, apparently horse meat. correct?

Get hooked on your DBD dating sim: ocean

An invisible narrator and a sentient ocean

Despite being washed up on a deserted island with four killers, on Killer Island, you don’t feel alone. In fact, even if you try, you cannot find peace and tranquility. In addition to unexpected cameos and hosting by Dwight and Claudette, you’re often accompanied by narration and the ocean. The narrator is a voice in your head, and their true form is rather mysterious.While they may be in your head, it turns out that other people can hear them too, and they play [enter generic reality dating show here] Voiceover. But there is a better script.

Meanwhile, The Ocean will occasionally show up to talk to you. The narrator’s good cop and bad cop. Narrator Charlotte Victor. This iconic duo can help you through your time on Killer Island – here, take the word “help” with a pinch of salt – telling you your broader goals, and when you’re wrong . The two of them provide most of the jokes and banter, and The Ocean’s eerie visuals remind you that every time you start enjoying this island getaway, there’s still some darkness going on.

Which killer ending is right for you?

Of course, you get into the game because of who you want to date – for me, huntresses and ghosts. However, in my first game, I found love with Spirit because, hey, the road to love isn’t always smooth sailing. And, wow, are there some shocking twists and turns along the way. You’ll find that as you get to know these poor souls better, the story isn’t just about you, romance, and stunning beaches. You’ll find out more about these well-known characters and even some unexpected revelations about their relationship with each other. Of course, this will change all your stereotypes, and you may find yourself in love with an unexpected person. The Trapper describes itself as encompassing many people, but really, for such a light-hearted and fun game, we think that’s more about Hooked on You itself.

All in all, Hooked on You is delightful, lighthearted fun that transforms Dead by Daylight’s tense, heart-pounding doom and gloom (making you heart-pounding in a different way). I really only have good things to say…but I won’t say if it’s just because of an in-game contract I was forced to agree to.

Fascinated by You View the Non-Disparaging Agreement Fascinated by You Non-Disparaging Agreement: Claudette and Dwight

With hilarious jokes and Easter eggs (what’s “vanilla and spice”?), and those myriad endings and possibilities, you’ll no doubt want to play Addicted over and over again to try your hand at dating every present Available killer. Needless to say, completing eight endings unlocks a final secret ending that those begging for the game will no doubt want to explore.

If you’re already hooked on this game and can’t wait to meet your opponents on Killer Island, you can download Hooked on You on Steam Now, thanks to the shocking release of the DBD dating sim in the first Behavior Beyond.

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