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Harvestella just showed off some of its other gaming systems. Originally announced at the end of June, it’s a cross between Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Final Fantasy.

Harvestella starts growing on us with new feature showcase

  • type: RPG, Life Sim, Sandbox
  • Developed by: Square Enix
  • Published by: Square Enix
  • release date: November 4, 2022
  • price: $59.99
  • platform: Windows (Steam), Nintendo Switch

Fans of the Stardew Valley life sim have Harvestella to look forward to in the first few weeks of this November. A farming slash adventure RPG developed by Square Enix. In fact, Square is busy with Final Fantasy XVI, Interstellar, DioField Chronicle, and Valkyrie Elysium (sadly, Forspoken has been delayed until next year). Surprisingly, they released more projects.

mysterious sea light

mysterious sea light

Square Enix just released a new blog post detailing more of the game’s features. It also heavily showcases many of its arts, especially some delicious-looking foods that players can collect and cook.

Changchun Town

Harvestella has five seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The last and most dangerous and mysterious season is called Quietus. The unnatural phenomenon destroyed crops and blanketed the land in perpetual dust storms. The people of Harvestella were unable to work properly, even leaving their homes at the worst of the Quietus season.

Spring Town in Harvestella

Spring Town in Harvestella

Square Enix features the first of four cities in Harvestella. Nemea, the town of spring is a beautiful little alcove with eternal spring. The town is distinguished by its uniform white stone buildings, intricate staircases and soaring bridges.

Nimia at night

Nimia at night

During the day, the city is roasted by a vibrant patch of pastel violets, reflected by the variety of flowers that grow around the bustling streets. The night brings a tranquil deep purple vibe that is both relaxing and breathtaking, mainly due to the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Spring sea light is one of the important crystals that affect the natural order of the seasons, and plants can thrive regardless of the seasons.

Harvestella Work Course

Last time we were able to briefly talk about the battle in Harvestella will be much more complex than Stardew Valley. Player characters will have access to multiple career classes that will define their move set and playstyle. Square Enix previously announced physical damage fighters (which can do melee and ranged attacks), stealth shadow walkers (somewhat similar to the rogue archetype), and magic-wielding mages. Because of course they can.

Skylancer Job Classes

Skylancer Job Classes

Now the newest Harvestella class is confirmed as the Sky Lancer. This new class is good at using spears to attack, and can give oneself the wind attribute. Sky Lancers’ spears are also capable of reaching greater distances than direct melee attacks, and can use sweeping attacks to damage multiple enemies.

Square Enix also confirmed that the Harvestella class will unlock when they recruit a character with that specific class. Speaking of characters…

The whole world is a stage

Player characters can’t spend all of their time digging through dirt or discovering Quietus’ secrets. During downtime, players can choose to socialize with various NPCs and learn more about them. Each potential ally that can be recruited has its own unique story to tell.

Harvestella - Recruit new allies

Recruit new allies

Like most RPGs, they approach the player character with questions. If they choose to help these people, the player will get to know them more and start making connections that will grow their friendships. It has not been confirmed if there will be a romantic option.

Improve relationship

Improve relationship

A newly introduced Harvestella ally is Istina, a local teacher in the town of Nemea. Wise and reserved, Istina enjoys teaching children and spreading the stories of the land.

spring in nature

Just like in the real world, some types of plants in Harvestella will only bloom in certain seasons or conditions. Since this update has so far been focused on spring, Square Enix showcased some spring products that players can take care of and harvest.

prepare some pasta

prepare some pasta

Players will be able to grow Nemean Tomatoes, Wisty Peaches, Cucumbles and Srawbuddies. They can use these ingredients, combined with more secret herbs and spices, to make a whole meal. Some of these include Nemea Bolognese, Peach Rose Mousse, Zucchini and Mincemeat Sandwiches, and one of my favorites, the humble strawberry shortcake.

Let's go fishing!

Let’s go fishing!

Just like in all other life simulators, players will be able to engage in fishing. It looks like we’ll be able to spend hours and hours sitting in one place waiting for the perfect bite. As long as players get a great fishing rod, a good fishing spot and the right bait, they will be amazed.

harvest month

harvester Will be released on November 4, 2022. The game is currently only confirmed on Nintendo Switch and PC. Hopefully other consoles will experience the essence of Harvestella.

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