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The team at WB Games Montreal explains why Batman’s presence in Gotham Knights only hinders other characters.

It’s hard to imagine Gotham City without Batman.However, this is exactly what the team is doing Gotham Knights It has done, creating a version of the famous fictional city without the caped crusaders. Gotham Knights Instead, they’ll focus on Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin as they battle to protect Gotham City from the spread of the virus throughout the city. gotham cavaliers The decision to kill Batman was certainly a bold one, and the team at WB Games in Montreal recently explained why they wanted to get rid of Gotham’s protectors.

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In an interview with GamesRadar, the company’s executive producer Gotham Knights Fleur Marty said: “[Batman] Just taking up all the space, he took all the air out of the room,” hinting that Batman is in the game and many players will find it’s about him rather than his successor taking his role. Ceri Young On the basis of this to say that Batman is absent Gotham Knights “Really drive” playable characters. “Everyone finds themselves in different places asking: ‘If Batman is here, I think this is how he’s going to handle it,'” Young begins. “But they don’t have him, so they have to figure out how to do it their own way, and that’s where a lot of their interest and motivation comes from.”

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It seems that WB Games Montreal thinks killing Batman is the best decision Gotham Knights. It will give the other characters some time to shine, and an event that binds them as a group, but the story Gotham Knights There will be more than just a focus on the state of the character after Batman’s death. As mentioned, there is a conspiracy surrounding Gotham City under the threat of a virus, and it looks like the villain behind the virus will be the Court of Owls.

Of course there are some fans who still believe that Batman will appear in Gotham Knights, and he will be secretly alive throughout the events of the game, only to be revealed at the end. However, WB Games Montreal has maintained that the focus is shifting away from Batman and that he is dead. Even with these constant reminders that Batman is gone, it seems that fans will only accept that fact when the game is revealed.

There must be plenty of evidence that Batman is likely dead and in Gotham Knights. Maybe some evidence can be found in an upcoming prequel comic that will give fans an insight into Batman’s final case before the events Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Scheduled for release on October 25th, for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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