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Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that it is testing a new search feature called Perspectives.

Google explained that the feature is an experiment designed to help searchers find the useful information they’re looking for in new ways. However, Google declined to answer more specific questions about how it is triggered, when it appears and how publishers will display their content in this new search box.

what is search View? basically, View It appears to be multiple short featured snippets that provide searchers with a broader and more diverse set of answers to their queries. Again, Google won’t give us any official definition, Google will just say it’s an experiment, and Google does a lot of experiments.

what does it look like. Here is a screenshot of what I was able to do copy yourself:

It looks like two separate pieces of functionality combined into one, called a multi-faceted piece of functionality, and we know Google does just that.

Brody Clark posted another example here and Brian Freiesleben also famous These tests did not View Labels are at the top.

other tests. We’ve seen Google test these other featured snippet variations, such as featured snippets from the web and various card-based ones. So Google is apparently ramping up testing the new UI and experience for the Featured Snippets section of search results.

Why do we care. When it comes to featured snippets, this is where most SEOs like to put them. At the same time, some people complained that the click-through rate for all queries was not optimal when it appeared in this position.Will share featured snippets with this new point View Are interface changes causing clicks to increase or decrease? That’s something to keep an eye on to see if Google rolls out the feature more broadly, and how searcher sentiment changes around it.

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