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God of War Zeus of Child, the ridiculous game in which you play as a legally questionable version of Kratos, has been pulled from the Xbox Store.

Eurogamer first noticed earlier this week that the bizarre God of War bootleg was available on Xbox’s storefront for the low price of $3.99. The game features a crisp rendition of Kratos, although the character model is slightly less detailed and lacks many animations, so his movements seem blunt at best and completely levitated at worst. Wielding his Leviathan axe, Kratos chops and slashes through waves of enemies until he is finally defeated.

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In addition to the game’s description being often riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, God of War has also been renamed “God of Warning”. The game also doesn’t have collision detection, which means Kratos can go out of bounds or through monsters at will.

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Developer and publisher Dlaka LTD appears to be getting War Gods Zeus of Child on the Xbox Store via the Xbox Creators Collection. This part of the store doesn’t require certification or approval like other Xbox games, and doesn’t support achievements. It is suitable for first-time developers and students to make their games without much hassle.

Unfortunately, it seems that one developer also thinks this is a good way to infringe copyright. Microsoft has since taken notice of the child of Zeus, God of War, and has pulled the game from the Xbox Store to avoid prosecution. Dinosaur Fall Survivor, a Fall Guys clone from the same developer starring Mario sidekick Yoshi, is still available.

In fact, God of War: Ragnarok is coming to PlayStation on November 9th.

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