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Image via McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s is a company that needs zero introduction. This fast food restaurant is one of America’s most iconic brands. Similarly, Pokémon With its anime, movies and, of course, its legendary popular trading card game, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. So what happens when these two pop culture giants collide?

McDonald’s and Pokémon Fans will soon find out when a new promotion will bring the legendary Pokemon back to McDonald’s restaurants.

What is the 2022 McDonald’s Pokémon Card?

McDonald’s made a splash last year when it was included special Pokémon Card in their children’s lunch boxes.This year, the company hopes to do it again when it launches new products Pokémon happy meal, something new Pokémon TCG card.

The sale has already kicked off in the UK and Canada, but fans in the US will be able to get in on it starting August 9, and the sale will run until September 26.

Each Happy Meal will come with a pack of 4 cards, a TCG coin and a Match Battle spinner.The latter toy also changes during the promotion, with different Pokémon weekly.

The card set includes 15 cards, but each card has a foil variant printed on “Confetti”. This means there are 30 cards in total in the series.

What cards are in the set?

The deck has amazing diversity, updated Pokémon Join the franchise’s most iconic critters, including the franchise’s mascot, Pikachu.

All of these cards are reprints of previous cards, but they have been renumbered in this set to make them different from the original cards they were reprinted from.

This Pokémon Available are:

  • Be careful
  • Qinzhou
  • Lovely
  • Zorba
  • Flafi
  • gossip
  • growing up
  • Laplace
  • Lediba
  • pangoro
  • Pikachu
  • Rollett
  • smear
  • Tenamo
  • Victini

What Pokémon are on the spinner/coin?

This Pokémon The featured and tournament spinners on the coins will change weekly.each will have a Pokémon This can also be seen on the card, each Pokémon There will be several color variants.

Thankfully, signs found in some of McDonald’s restaurants give a breakdown of the characters available during the week.

  • week 1– Rowlet (purple), Smeargle (green)
  • week 2– Rowlet (yellow), Smeargle (pink)
  • week 3– Pikachu (green), Bictini (dark blue)
  • week 4– Pikachu (red), Bictini (light blue)
  • Week 5– Gossiflueur (pink), Growlithe (dark blue)
  • Week 6– Gossiflueur (yellow), Growlithe (green)
  • Week 7– Rowlet (purple), Pikachu (green)

How much are McDonald’s Pokémon cards worth in 2022?

People are curious how much these cards will be worth on the used market. The recent explosion of TCG deals has seen many dabble in the flop world, and the excitement surrounding the 2021 series has fans wondering if history will repeat itself.

Some cards from the U.K. and Canada have made their way to online sales platforms, but since these cards haven’t launched in the U.S., it’s hard to judge the overall value.

It also depends on whether McDonald’s to stop resellingDuring the 2021 sale, many McDonald’s locations are limiting the number of Happy Meals a person can buy and removing the ability to purchase cards without purchasing associated meals. If most stores do this from the start, this will seriously affect second-hand value.

Based on current eBay listings, you should pay $40-$50 for a full set. At the time of writing, general prices for individual cards are:

  • Pikachu – $8
  • Bictini – $7
  • Growlithe – $5
  • Rollett – $4
  • Smudge – $4
  • Gossiefleur – $3
  • Be careful – $2
  • Laplace – $2
  • Lediba – $2
  • Drampa – $2
  • Fluffy – $2
  • Chinchou – $1.50
  • Cute – $1.50
  • Pangoro – $1.50
  • Tinamo – $1.50

Due to the nature of the used market, these prices will obviously fluctuate over time. However, these early prices suggest that more iconic and well-known characters will command higher prices, likely because these monsters will be most appealing to both new TCG players and those nostalgic for the iconic franchise. So if you want a Pikachu, expect to pay a premium.

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