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Fanatical provides a new August bundles, Gets you seven games for just $20. You’ll choose from a roster of 16 that includes a mix of classic indie games and AAA powerhouses.There are two other tiers of bundles – but choosing seven game packs means Only $2.86 per game.

If you don’t need seven games, you can get five for $15, or three for $10. The Platinum Collection contains a lot of great games (all available as Steam keys), so unless you’ve already added most of the games to your collection, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding seven great games. Your purchase also includes a 5% coupon that can be used on your next order with Fanatical.

Morta’s children, inner demon, Moonlighter, and death road to canada Some of the highest rated games in the promotion. Children of Morta is a roguelikes-inspired role-playing game with a mission to protect a mountain from evil invaders. Moonlighter is another game with roguelite dungeon elements, but it’s also a charming town and management sim. Dead Road to Canada is more ridiculous than the first two titles, offering you hundreds of zombies to fend off as you head out on a randomly generated road trip.

you will also find messy agent, aquarium designer, Samorost 3, and more. We’ve highlighted each game in the table of contents below.

Platinum Collection: Build Your Own Bundle in August

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