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A recent Harvard Harris survey found that President Joe Biden’s job approval rating in a range of categories, including jobs and the economy, was significantly lower than that of former President Donald Trump before he left office.

Biden’s overall approval rating remains The survey shows that the percentage is lower, at 38%. That’s a 24% drop from the 62% approval rating he saw in June 2021. It’s been more than a year since Biden saw more than 50 percent approval in this particular survey.

The president has been poor on individual issues. In fact, he has no active support on any issue, with the highest score on the coronavirus in China, but only 48 percent — less than a majority.

Biden, for example, now has a 36 percent approval rating for the economy. That’s far worse than the 56 percent Trump received before he leaves office in January 2021. For the vast majority of issues, this trend continues.

Stimulating work:
Trump January 2021: 58% approve
Biden July 2022: 41% approve

Combating Terrorism:
Trump January 2021: 55% approve
Biden July 2022: 41% approve

Trump January 2021: 52% approve
Biden July 2022: 39% approve

Foreign affairs:
Trump January 2021: 52% approve
Biden July 2022: 39% approve

Governing government:
Trump January 2021: 49% approve
Biden July 2022: 41% approve

The only issue Biden has consistently beaten Trump in this survey is his response to the coronavirus, and even so, Biden’s approval ratings are falling, with just 48% now supporting his handling – down from 2021 A high of 71% in March 2018. Trump’s approval rating in January 2021, the new crown virus infection rate was 47%.

Also, only 38 percent approve of Biden’s handling of crime and violence in the country, down from 56 percent in June 2021, and just 33 percent approve of his handling of inflation, which remains at a 41-year high.

The poll was conducted July 27-28, 2022, among 1,885 registered voters, and comes months before the midterm elections as Democrats desperately want to maintain their majorities in the House and Senate.

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