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Provide higher quality and more comprehensive customer data to AWS in real time to drive better insights and engagement with Cordial.

Cordial’s cross-channel messaging and data platform is designed for agile marketing teams to send personal, relevant and intelligent messages across any channel. Instantly activate unlimited amounts of customer data and connect complex business data, regardless of its structure or architecture.

Powered by and running only on AWS, Cordial provides everyone with a personalized, unified brand experience across all channels, including email, SMS, mobile apps, web fetch, and REST channels. Collect all your customer data in one platform and use it to build audience segmentation, spot trends and automate customer experience enterprise-wide.

A special conversation and hands-on solution demo with Beth Dabagian, Partner and Channel Director at Cordial and AWS.

You will learn:

  • Learn about the key challenges customer service agents face today
  • See how Cordial can boost your email revenue
  • See an on-demand demo of the solution in action

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