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Dead Cells, the ever-expanding roguelike action platformer from developer Motion Twin and subsidiary Evil Empire continues to grow, this time with the newly released Enter the Panchaku update, which introduces pet petting, a powerful dual frying pan weapon, and more.

The ability to pet your pet in a rogue-like action platformer might not be at the top of your own list of exciting personalities, but – as in Evil Empire’s Extremely Extensive Release Notes – This feature is now available, allowing players to show their companions some love between biomes. Why don’t you want to do that, you monster?

Elsewhere, a free Panchaku update introduced a new Panchaku weapon, which eagle-eyed players might think originated from Animated trailer for Dead Cells Bad Seeds expansionIt’s described as “two frying pans tied together with a string, it can critically hit enemies facing you, and perform clever combos behind and around you”. It will also reflect bombs and projectiles in intermediate combinations.

Dead Cells: Into Panchaku – Game Trailer.

Also transitioning from the Bad Seed trailer (actually the follow-up expansion trailer for All Dead Cells) is its pink flaming head star, playable via the new Bobby skin.

On top of that, the update brings a number of mechanical changes, including a massive rework of items. “It’s been a while since our last major weapons rebalance,” Evil Empire explained. “Since then, we’ve had new items and mutations, updates from Everyone’s Here and Broken Bank, and the Queen and the Sea DLC, so there’s a bit of an imbalance here and there.”

Overall, the Enter the Panchaku update will rebalance 29 weapons, abilities, and mutations — which the developers say is meant to “keep the diversity element strong — a good roguelite should give you tough choices”.

Dead Cells VLOG – Entering the Panchaku update.

Today’s update also includes an overhaul of Legendary items (the gold variant you’ll find in-game), designed to make them more intuitive and fun. “The only thing a legend can give you is more damage, and that’s it,” Evil Empire explained. “More damage is always good, but we want to make it even better!”

Its solution was to ditch the existing legendary system and introduce new affixes to gold items – essentially, “you can get additional abilities on items like 60% damage to bleeding enemies”.

There’s a lot more to the update — including some crossovers with the roguelike Soul Knight — and you’ll find full details and details in today’s blog post. Accompanying developer VLOG.

Of course, that’s far from over with the Dead Cells update. Last month, Evil Empire said it now considers the game to be in “middle age” and revealed a new content roadmap that will stretch through 2023, saying it will be “the biggest since the release of 1.0.” year”.

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