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Battlefield 2042’s newest map will arrive in September with the release of Season 2.

In a developer interview hosted by DICE, lead level designer Shashank Uchil said the team has listened to player feedback by focusing on adding cover and small spaces:

“We want to make smaller levels; we want levels with more cover. All of that is in this level.”

Uchil also talked about the difficulty of redesigning the base map to add more cover, mainly the problem of adding more assets on such a large map without compromising performance:

“A level can be whatever size it needs to be, but it can only contain so much content… If you add more cover, it needs to come from somewhere. The level at launch is the maximum number of assets. So That’s why it takes time.”

The team seems to have learned their lesson, and they are now focusing less on huge maps and more on tight maps with extra cover.

Uchil also stated that the team took feedback that the map felt too “raw”, so the map was redesigned to give a more “war-torn” look.

Update 1.2 was highly anticipated by the player base, bringing the first updated base map with additional cover and a smaller world size.

However, players were baffled by DICE’s decision not to put the remastered map Kaleidoscope in its own dedicated playlist. Players are now subject to the game’s automatic search, or can take advantage of a fan-made Portal server to take advantage.

DICE also confirmed that more base maps will be updated when the update is complete, but did not give a timeline.

It’s unclear if DICE will continue to support Battlefield 2042 beyond its first year, or if it will abandon ship like Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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