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Back 4 Blood’s second expansion has a release date and will add new weapons and enemies in the fifth act of the story.

Co-op zombie shooter return 4 blood Already teased some details about the upcoming son of a bug Expand the new publicity image. New campaign behaviors, new cleaners, new weapons, enemy types, and more, along with a release date for the next chapter, have been announced. return 4 blood.

return 4 blood Released in 2021 and developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the team has a long history in co-op shooters that influence many multiplayer games today. Turtle Rock Studios is best known for developing the very successful first left 4 Dead Play with an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter develop This pits a team of survivors against a player who controls the monster. return 4 blood the spiritual heir left 4 Dead, implied by replacing “for” with “4” in the title. The game features a disorganized group of survivors battling through hordes of zombies, or “Riddens,” while an AI game director modifies the environment to keep players on their toes.

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Details return 4 bloodThe second extension of , son of a bug, shown through promotional images on Twitter, showing some of the upcoming features. The new playable cleaner, “The Prophet” Dan, is a fun character with a dainty moustache, an Irish flag, a shamrock pin, and a template for the Bible verse Peter 4:12. New cult-themed enemy types, such as snipers and gas mask enemies carrying strange chemical concoctions, represent an interesting departure from the usual undead variants. Eight new character skins and a colorful array of 8-bit weapon skins will also add visual variety when the expansion arrives.

return 4 blood A bear trap and a “Lockjaw” sniper rifle are being obtained, which have a unique design that incorporates the animal’s jawbone around the rifle scope. Other yet-to-be-revealed new weapons, accessories and cards will also be introduced with the new expansion. son of a bug There will also be a new Act 5 campaign that builds on the game’s original four chapters, which may pit survivors against new cult enemies.

return 4 bloodof son of a bug The DLC will be released on August 30th and is free for owners of the game’s Deluxe or Ultimate editions.The extension will be available for personal purchase or as return 4 blood year pass.if the price return 4 bloodThe first expansion of the game is any indication that players can expect to pay at least $15 for new content.

return 4 blood Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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