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Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that all of the new content for Back 4 Blood this August will be part of the game’s second expansion, Children of the Worm. A lot has been added, including a new playable character, an extra story chapter, and a never-before-seen threat that looks a little different from the zombies.

Back 4 Blood’s second expansion, Children of the Bug, will release on all platforms on August 30. Players will get Act 5 of the Story Campaign where you can now play as Dan “The Prophet” – a new Irish playable character with a stylish mustache. He is the third additional cleaner to be added to the base game, following Heng and Sharice introduced in the previous expansion Tunnel of Horror.

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Players should also expect a new enemy faction to join the roster. As pictured below, these guys don’t look like they’re joking, they seem to be as armed and dangerous as the cleaners.

Naturally, Children of the Bug gives you more traditional goodies like character and weapon-exclusive skins, as well as new weapons like the Lockjaw sniper rifle and bear trap. This gear allows you to lock your target in place and deal bonus damage over time, which is invaluable when facing certain enemies like the Stinger or the Witch.

As with the first expansion pack, only one party member must purchase the DLC for all members to enjoy.While the creators earlier reported that more than 10 million players had tried the game as of March, the first DLC was unable to obvious improvement Returns the 4 Blood player number on Steam. Would love to know how old players will accept “Son of the Bug”.

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