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The release date for Back 4 Blood DLC 2 has been set for late August, and the second expansion pack for the zombie game, Children of the Worm, adds a fifth act to the event, a new playable character, and new enemies, weapons, accessories , skins, cards, etc. Children of the Worm also introduced the highly anticipated bear trap to the FPS game’s deadly roster.

‘Children of the Bug’ will be released on August 30developer Turtle Rock Studios officially announced on the game Twitter page. The tweet includes a screenshot showing the many additions players can expect when the new DLC is released. The expansion pack will be included with the game’s annual pass, which is also available to owners of the Deluxe and Ultimate editions, or can be purchased separately.

Leading the charge is a new playable cleaner: a gorgeous, mustachioed man with a bald head, nicknamed “The Prophet” Dan – described as “a gun-carrying, self-proclaimed apocalyptic missionary.” Also anticipated is the fifth act of the game’s main story campaign, an image that appears to show a total of six separate stages.

Also included is a series of eight new character skins – most notably a younger version of Christine Tuttle, best known among her friends as “Mom.” Doc also has a heavy metal look, long blonde hair, and Karlee’s school-inspired outfits. There’s also a range of colorful 8-bit weapon skins to brighten up your arsenal.

In addition, new enemy threats are coming. This group doesn’t appear to be zombies in appearance, which means they may not be the traditional Ridden we’re used to, but could be a more human-like enemy. Some of them also brandished guns and gear, their faces covered by wraparound masks, glowing eyes peering through the fabric.

Return to 4 Blood DLC 2 Children of the Worm Expansion Details

There will also be a slew of new weapons, accessories, cards, and more in the co-op game – chief among them the new Lockjaw rifle and the aforementioned bear trap. If you’re looking for a Back 4 Blood supply point, check out our guide – and our list of all Back 4 Blood golden skull locations to find out the secrets in each chapter.

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