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Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that Kevin Feige initially suggested killing three huge MCU characters to remove all “OGs” from the board.

appearing in Happy Sad Confused Podcast by Josh Horowitz, the Russo brothers reflect on Endgame’s climactic showdown with Thanos and those killed in battle. They revealed the ending could lead to more character deaths, as MCU architect Kevin Feige initially toyed with the idea of ​​eliminating three major superheroes from the original Avengers team.

“Kevin actually did take all OGs off the board at one point,” Joe explained. “We thought it was too radical for the audience to accept it, and the fact that picking a character or two to make sacrifices throughout the film might make you stop for the whole movie, and you can have an emotional catharsis, and then Continue the narrative and then do more emotional catharsis.”

Every dead MCU character

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